Guide to Typical Renaissance Events:

The Rendezvous twice a year for picking seminars
The Rendezvous

A typical Friday afternoon seminar Friday Afternoon Seminars

Caroling by Singing for Fun seminar at winter luncheon Social Events

Past and future presidents
Immediate Past President John Walker, Past President Marilyn MacBride,
President Doris Keller, Past President PJ Garrido
Photo by Jeff Hendy




  • 3: Spring Membership signup opens.
  • 12: Board meets, 9:30 a.m., Auburn Room, 3rd Floor, University Union.
  • 13: Spring Catalog mailed (target date).
  • 15: Online seminar registration begins.
  • 19: Seminar Leaders' Workshop.
  • 26: Orientation to Renaissance, 9 a.m., Hinde Auditorium; Audio/Visual Equipment Training and Seminar Registration Training, 9:30 a.m., Room TBA; Rendezvous, 12 noon, Ballrooms I and II, University Union.


  • 2, 3: First Friday and Saturday Seminars.


  • 23,24: No Seminars; Spring Break
  • 30, 31: No Seminars; Chavez Holiday


  • 4, 5: Last Friday and Saturday Seminars.