President Nelson
CSUS President Robert Nelson
Addresses Spring Forum
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Friday, 3 to 4 p.m., Campus Locations

Following the afternoon seminars each Friday, an "open forum" is held from 3-4 p.m.

The Forum features invited speakers of note, usually from outside Renaissance, who share their views on varied topics with members, followed by lively question-and-answer sessions. The locations vary depending on CSUS availability, so check below. The speakers and locations can change due to campus scheduling, so check here right before each Forum.

Sept. 2: Kevin Eckery and Steven Maviglio, Political Consultants
Del Norte 1004
Ballot Measure Madness: Demystifying the Initiatives on Your November Ballot. Seventeen measures are expected to be on the California's November ballot. Learn the details on what they're about, who's backing them, and why voters are being faced with so many initiatives this year. Republican political consultant Kevin Eckery, political analyst for KCRA-TV (3), and Democratic political consultant Steven Maviglio, political analyst for KOVR-TV (13) provide the details.
Sept. 9: Professor Bahman "Buzz" Fozouni, CSUS Department of Government
Del Norte 1004
Syria: A Fragmented State. The talk briefly explores the historical position of Syria in the Arab world and the devolution of the country from a representative government into a military dictatorship that ended in a dynastic republic under the Assad family. It will then trace the impact of the Arab Spring on Syria and the forces that pushed the country into a long and devastating civil war. Finally, the talk explores alternative scenarios regarding the political future of Syria as a reconstructed state. Professor Fozouni is a native of Iran. He has a bachelor's degree from Tulane University and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He has been teaching at CSUS since 1990 and was the Chair of the Department from 2005 until summer of 2014. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in international politics, the Middle East, nationalism and research methods.
Sept. 16: Marcos Breton, Sacramento Bee
Ballroom III, University Union NOTE: New Location!
The Challenge of Bringing the News to Make You Think, Laugh, Make You Mad and Look at an Issue in a Different Way.Journalist, Columnist, Author, Radio Personality, Runner, son of Mexican immigrants, Breton is a native Northern Californian who resides in Sacramento. He has been a columnist for more than 20 years. In addition, he writes a weekly baseball column during baseball season. Breton is the winner of the Lisa Paterson Foundation Scholarship for his work on the story of Latinos in baseball. You can follow Breton on Twitter, Facebook, his blog and other social media. How does he write his column nearly every day for more than 20 years? See you at Forum!
Sept. 23: Barry Broome, President and CEO of Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council
Del Norte 1004
Changing the Economic Image of Sacramento: Image 2018. The Council is dedicated to building an advanced economy for the state's Capital Region. The Board of Directors includes 27 CEOs and 17 Public Leaders focused on a single market strategy, promoting California and introducing the marketplace to the unique strengths and advantages of the Sacramento region. Previous to coming to Sacramento in February 2015, Broome was the President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, where he delivered over 50,000 jobs and 260 company locating in the Phoenix area. Prior to Arizona, Broome was the CEO of Southwest Michigan First, where he built an organization from scratch that became one of the top 20 companies in the North America. Prior to Michigan, he led the economic development in Toledo, Ohio.
Sept. 30: Warren Smith, President and Cofounder of the Sac Republic Football Club
Del Norte 1004
How is Soccer Making Sacramento a World-Class City?. He will answer this question and surprise you with the many ways this is happening. Don't miss this engaging presentation! Smith has amassed a team with more than 165 years of sports management experience to lead the Republic FC, which won the 2014 USL Championship and USL organization of the year. Republic FC is laying the foundation to land a major league soccer team to bring the world sport to Sacramento. Smith also served as the executive vice president of the River Cats baseball club. He led the efforts successfully to build Raley's Field. He has received many business awards, most recently, the USL Executive of the Year award.
Oct. 7: Kevin Smith-Fagan, general manager of KVIE Note: Speaker Change!
Del Norte 1004
Fall programming. He will discuss programs coming up at the public television station.
Oct. 14: Bill Elrick, Director, California Fuel Cell Partnership
Del Norte 1004
Can California Develop Pollution-Free Motor Vehicles? Growing concerns about global warming and air pollution have prompted California to take a leading role in the development of clean-air vehicles. The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a consortium of over 30 governmental and private sector companies working to demonstrate that electric vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells are a clean, safe and practical alternative to today's gasoline-fueled cars and trucks. Bill Elrick will describe the tremendous progress that has been made, and the challenges that still lie ahead, in developing truly pollution-free motor vehicles.
Oct. 21: Joe Barr Capital Public Radio’s Chief Content Officer
Del Norte 1004
Disruption is the New Normal. Because of the digital revolution, the lines between TV, radio and print are blurred. Americans now have more choices than ever for getting music and news and connecting with other people. And it's all coming to them on their mobile devices. With an insider's perspective, Capital Public Radio's Chief Content Officer Joe Barr will talk about current trends in the media world and how they are effecting everyone, from students to seniors, politicians to business people. Thanks to digital, the media world is being democratized but not yet monetized. And that's part of the problem.
Oct. 28: Basim Elkarra, Executive Director, Council on American Islamic Relations
Mariposa 1000
Current issues regarding American-Islamic Relations in Sacramento. Basim Elkarra has served as the Director of the Sacramento Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) since 2004. He also was recently elected to the Twin Rivers Unified School District Board of Trustees. He will speak about current American-Islamic relations issues facing Sacramento.
Nov. 4: Dr. Donald Gerth, President Emeritus of CSUS
Del Norte 1004
The Creation and Development of the Renaissance Society. Dr. Donald Gerth was President of the California State University, Sacramento, from 1984 to 2003 and was President of California State University, Dominguez Hills, from 1976 to 84. In 2010, he wrote The People's University: A History of the California State University. Dr. Gerth was instrumental in the creation and development of the Renaissance Society.
Nov. 11:
Veterans'' Day; No Forum.
Nov. 18: Kevin Johnson, Dean, UC Davis Law School
Union Ballroom II NOTE: Location change!
Immigration and the New President.
Nov. 25:
Thanksgiving Holiday; No Forum
Dec. 2:
No Forum.