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Reading Like Writer spring seminar
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Vikings return this semester!

Friday Afternoon and Saturday Seminars

These seminars take place on the CSUS campus on Friday afternoons or on Saturdays. Most Friday times are from 1 to 2:45 p.m., unless otherwise noted (look carefully for seminars that have different starting times). They run for the entire semester, from Sept. 2 through Dec. 2 (with one exception, below). There are no seminars on Nov. 11 or 25.

There are also two seminars on Saturdays, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They will run from Sept. 3 to Dec. 3; one requires registration and one is a drop-in with no registration required. Jump to them.

You must register for all the Friday seminars and the morning Saturday seminar. There are three ways to register:

Please do not sign up for more than one Friday afternoon seminar, unless you are on a waiting list. If you get into the class you want, please let leaders of your other wait-list classes know that you are no longer interested! Also, inform the leader if you are dropping a seminar (so those on the waiting list can be added). You can make these changes online.

Many of these classes encourage participation. You may be asked to make a presentation on the topic or secure an outside speaker or help in some other way. Here are some technical tips for presentations. It will be noted in the writeups below if no participation is required.

Contact the leader now or at the Rendezvous for more information about a seminar.

Each seminar has a Style immediately following its name, defined as follows:

Friday Seminars

Here is the link to Online Seminar Registration. NOTE: This list of Friday Afternoon Seminars does not include leader contact information or a description of the seminar. See the online or Catalog listings for that information.

  • Active Retirement Investing, Marsha Holland, Alpine 148
  • American Presidential Elections, 19th and 20th Centuries, H. James Harper, Mendocino 1024
  • Big History: Setting the Stage for Civilization, Ranny Eckstrom, Alpine 144
  • Bob Dylan: the Man, the Music, the Masks, the Myths, David Abelson, Alpine 156
  • California's Past through Fiction, Debbie Russell, Mendocino 1030
  • China, the Dragon that Is Shaking the World, Nancy Samuelson, Calaveras 145
  • Compassionate Communication, Nanci Kuzins, Mendocino 1032
  • Class Cancelled! Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens, Niel Nielsen, Mendocino 4000
  • Critical Thinking, Richard Kowaleski, Mendocino 3013
  • Delta Narratives: The History and Culture of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Robert Benedetti, Library 3021
  • Economics for the 99 Percent: the Political Economy in an Election Season, Duane Campbell, Alpine 236
  • The Election of 2016: Values in Conflict, Richard Pitcher, Mendocino 2009; NOTE: This seminar was inadvertently omitted from the printed Catalog!
  • From Sutter's Fort to Farm-to-Fork, a Fresh Look at Sacramento's Unique Culinary Heritage, Maryellen Burns, Mendocino 1026
  • Happiness and Your Brain, Jo Ann Yee, Kadema 145
  • Ireland: History, Politics and Culture, Michael Storey, Brighton 202
  • Joy of Science, Ed Sherman, Calaveras 123
  • Memories and Memoir: Writing Personal Histories, Kimberly Edwards, Calaveras 134
  • More Great American Trials, Joel Primes, Brighton 208
  • Movement Awareness Workshop, Al Zagofsky, 1 to 2:15 p.m., Amador 362
  • Native America: Good, Bad, Indigenous, 1513-1890, Richard Fuller, 12:30 to 2:45 p.m., Benicia 1025
  • The Norton Anthology of Poetry, Tom Slakey, Douglass 111
  • The Other Europe, Lee Ruth, Douglass 206
  • The Other Side of History, Doris Keller, Tahoe 1007
  • Political Philosophy, an Introduction, Ed Speegle, Mendocino 4008
  • Rock and Soul Music, 1970-74: Rebs, Rastas, Troubs and Glam, Graham Edmondson, Mendocino 1003
  • Shakespeare on Stage, Gerry Camp, 12:30 to 2:45 p.m., Mendocino 1022
  • The Story of the English Language, Marty Keale, Mendocino 1005
  • Sumer, the First Civilization: Lost Story of the Rise of Man, Paul Micheli, Douglass 212
  • The Vikings, Elaine Duxbury, Alpine 232
  • The Western Tradition, Part I, The Ancient World Through the Renaissance, Kurt and Nancy Findeisen, Alpine 235

These seminars are NOT available for online registration; enrollment is closed or very limited and you must contact the leader for more information:

  • Intermediate Spanish, Speaking and Reading, Melody Flores, Mendocino 4007
  • Watercolor Painting, Doyle Crawford, Kadema 170
  • Writing Personal Histories, Teresa Yates, Mendocino 1020
  • Writing Personal History, Patrick Crowley, Calaveras 135

This class has been cancelled, due to the leader being in an accident:
Middle East Geo-Economics-Politics, Past-Present, Chuck Rickard

Mike Seems to Have the Blues!

Saturday Seminars

NOTE: You Must register for The Enlightenment! Rhythm and Blues Chart Toppers is a Drop-in Class (no registration required).

  • The Enlightenment 1640-1815, 10 a.m. to 12 noon, Mendocino 1003, Ed Sanborn Register here!

  • Rhythm and Blues Chart Toppers (1942-1963), 12:30 to 3 p.m., Mendocino 1003, Mike Harkins.
    As I cover in my Musical Origins class, most of America's best-selling music after 1955 was heavily influenced by the mix of blues and jazz that evolved within the Black community during the previous decade. And so, as a companion to my pop-chart-based Hit Parade seminar, this class will present the chart-topping Black music known as Rhythm and Blues (R&B). Starting with the first Harlem sales charts of 1942, we will hear the most popular recordings up to the absorption of R&B into the pop-based Top 40 chart in 1963. Join us to hear these familiar (and obscure) influential sounds. This is a drop-in seminar; get the schedule here.