Friday, 10 to 11:30 a.m., Library 1522

Joy Skalbeck

Fascinating subjects will be presented by knowledgeable speakers, sometimes Renaissance members, sometimes not. These are single-subject, drop-in sessions presented in the Sac State Library, close to the Media Center. Some have proven so popular that they have been presented again for a Summer Seminar or Forum. Come early, as seating is limited.

PLEASE NOTE: No food or drink (except bottled water) is allowed in the library. 

MINI-SEMINARS are subject to schedule change. Please check with this Website or The Recorder to be sure of what's on the docket each Friday.

Feb. 6: Your Choice of Two:
Patricia Cerutti, Director, Italian Cultural Center.
Reza Peigahi, Instructional Services librarian, will introduce us to the variety of library resources for research and personal pleasure. NOTE TIME AND ROOM CHANGE: 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in LIBRARY 2022
Feb. 13:
The Wit and Wisdom of Abe Lincoln—Member Arnold Kunst has been presenting this program to groups for 35 years.
Feb. 20:
America's Love Affair with the Car—Greg Goodsell, a California Automobile Museum docent, will present a brief overview of the role the automobile has played in American culture. This will include a short history of the California Auto Museum and a discussion of some of the more interesting vehicles in its collection.
Feb. 27:
Women in Aviation—Carolyn Martin returns with a historical perspective from the first American aviatrix to the WASPs of WWII and the jet combat pilots.
March 6:
What does music mean to you? How would you describe your relationship with music? What is it about music that moves us the way it does? Together we'll try to explore the answers to these and other questions through musical examples far and wide, from the concert hall to the commercial advertisement. A knowledge of musical notation is not necessary, just your passion for a medium that allows for artist expression while evoking an emotional response from the consumers of that expression. Bee columnist Bruce Maiman shares his passion. NOTE LOCATION CHANGE: Capistrano Hall Room 151.
March 13:
Re-Imagine Your Life At Any Age. Come and discover the eight steps to reshape and rebalance your life for more inner peace, passion, and purpose. Learn two practical tools to re-invent your life and release self defeating beliefs and behaviors. Tap into rational and intuitive inner resources to feel more alive, motivated, with renewed energy. Richard Lui, a licensed therapist, Life Coach, and Author has 35 years' experience helping Sacramentans.
March 20:
Capitol Public Radio's Donna Apidone talks about her life in radio and how Capitol Public Radio selects its program offerings.
March 27:
No Mini-Seminar: Campus closed for Spring Break.
Apr. 3:
From Protest to Resistance—Margo Kaufman's story behind her translation of her aunt's autobiography, From Protest to Resistance: The Story of a Courageous Woman. The presentation will describe her aunt's experiences as a French resistance fighter who also experienced imprisonment in and escape from Auschswitz.
Apr. 10:
Fred Hummel, retired State Architect, will talk about his 7.5 years as CSUS campus architect, designing and building the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, construction manager for Del Mar Thoroughbred Race facility and the California State Supreme Court.
Apr. 17:
Cancer Genomics and Targeted Therapy of Breast and other Cancers—Dr. Gilbert Chu from Stanford Hospital and Schools of Medicine and Biochemistry, will talk to us about promising new treatments for breast and other cancers. A medical oncologist, Dr. Chu has a clinical practice focusing on gastrointestinal cancers (like colon and pancreas). His ideas for attacking cancer range over all kinds of cancer.
Apr. 24:
Uncle Sam Wants You—Portia Boykin, Regional Diversity Recruiter, U.S. Peace Corps, will tell us what the agency doing and why it is recruiting seniors.
May 1:
What the Railroads Meant to Sacramento—Kyle Wyatt, Director Of History, California State Railroad Museum, talks about all things railroad, including its unique collection.