Friday, 10 to 11:30 a.m., Library 1522

Joy Skalbeck

Fascinating subjects will be presented by knowledgeable speakers, sometimes Renaissance members, sometimes not. These are single-subject, drop-in sessions presented in the Sac State Library, close to the Media Center. Some have proven so popular that they have been presented again for a Summer Seminar or Forum. Come early, as seating is limited.

PLEASE NOTE: No food or drink (except bottled water) is allowed in the library. 

MINI-SEMINARS are subject to schedule change. Please check with this Website or The Recorder to be sure of what's on the docket each Friday.

Sept. 5: Your Choice of Two:
Eat Fresh—The Farm-to-Fork Community in Sacramento. Find why Sacramento is known as America's Farm-to-Fork Capital with Nicole Rogers, Farm-to-Fork Program Director for the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau. She will discuss the Sacramento area's extensive Farm-to-Fork Community, its programs, activities and events, including details about the upcoming Farm-to-Fork Festival and Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Week.
Reza Peigahi, Instructional Services librarian, will introduce us to the variety of library resources for research and personal pleasure. NOTE ROOM CHANGE: LIBRARY 2022
Sept. 12:
Hal Ferber from Citizens Climate Lobby offers a presentation on the scope of the climate change problem in a general way and introduces us to Citizens Climate Lobby.
Sept. 19:
Secrets of Florence, Italy, and More. Take a virtual tour of Florence, Italy, with Rona Cummins, author of Forever Florence—True Stories behind Closed Doors. Rona has lived in Florence and taught summer study abroad courses for CSU, Sacramento, and CSU, San Francisco, for over 20 years. She will show us around some well-known Florence landmarks and also reveal some secrets of Florence of which most visitors are unaware!
Sept. 26:
Eddie Ballesteros, ombudsman in the DMV's Senior Driving Program, will talk about how it represents the interests of public safety for all Californians with a special interest in addressing the concerns of senior drivers. The ombudsmen can assist as a go-between to ensure that senior drivers are treated fairly, consistent with laws and regulations and with dignity and respect.
Oct. 3:
City of Sacramento staff will answer the question, “What now that the railyards won't be the arena site?"
Oct. 10:
McGeorge Professor Melissa Brown returns to tell us all we should know about wills and trusts.
Oct. 17:
James Scott returns for another informative history presentation, his prize-winning program, Valley to Vietnam.
Oct. 24:
Local author and Renaissance member Mark Weideranders will relate the adventures he encountered in the writing of his recent publication, Stevenson's Treasure, a fictional history of Robert Louis Stevenson's real-life pursuit of his first and only wife, Fanny Van der Grift Osbourne, a married woman.
Oct. 31:
CSUS Professor Andonia Cakouris informs us about the CSUS fall theater program and the small theater scene in the Sacramento area.
Nov. 7:
NOTE: Schedule Change! Richard Fuller will be showing Genetic Roulette, a film about the problems of genetically modified food, with discussion afterward. He first screened it while subbing in a high school biology class. The film says gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and infertility are just some of the problems implicated in humans, pets, livestock and lab animals that eat genetically modified soybeans and corn. This film by best-selling author Jeffrey M. Smith won two Movie of the Year Awards in 2012.
Nov. 14:
Commemorating the WWI Centennial, James Scott tells us about the Sacramento Valley's role in WWI and its impact on our area.
Nov. 21:
Judy Zimmerman attended Christ Church College, Oxford and the University of Cambridge International Summer Schools for two weeks each last summer. In a Keynote visual presentation, she compares these experiences and recommends travel opportunities that are conveniently near both colleges. Judy also will provide information about summer learning vacations on U.S. campuses.
Nov. 28:
Thanksgiving Break; No Seminar.
Dec. 5:
Renaissance Society Past President Garey Young offers a lively presentation about lobbying, focusing on the little known American Legislative Exchange Council.