Friday, 10 to 11:30 a.m., Library 1522

Joy Skalbeck

Fascinating subjects will be presented by knowledgeable speakers, sometimes Renaissance members, sometimes not. These are single-subject, drop-in sessions presented in the Sac State Library, close to the Media Center. Some have proven so popular that they have been presented again for a Summer Seminar or Forum. Come early, as seating is limited.

PLEASE NOTE: No food or drink (except bottled water) is allowed in the library. 

MINI-SEMINARS are subject to schedule change. Please check with this Website or The Recorder to be sure of what's on the docket each Friday.

Feb. 5:
Meet Librarian Reza Peigahi at 9:30 a.m. in Library 2022 to learn about the wealth of library resources available to Renaissance Society members. NOTE ROOM AND TIME CHANGE
Feb. 12:
Sheila Enders, What to Ask a Doctor During Your 15-Minute Visit. Have you ever walked away from a medical appointment feeling that your health concerns were not completely addressed? Seminar leader Sheila Enders has extensive knowledge of healthcare and will offer her expert advice on making the most of healthcare appointments and asking the right questions to get the information you need.
Feb. 19: NOTE: Speaker Change and now Topic Change!!!
Prizes and even LUNCH! with Richard Fuller. Clear out those memory banks and be ready! Like the quiz shows from way back, THIS Mini-Seminar will be asking YOU to identify the Movers and Shakers of the 1960s. Richard, as is his style, will have costume changes, lots of equipment, and it will be a Blast from the Past!
Feb. 26:
Dan Murphy, Birding in the Sacramento Valley. Dan Murphy, a local birder and bird photographer, will present a PowerPoint on birds that can be found in the Sacramento area. The presentation will also address resources to locate and identify our birds and how and where to go birding around Sacramento.
March 4:
David Abelson, Just Whose Water Is It Anyway? As pitched battles rage over limited water supplies throughout the state (e.g. the twin-tunnels controversy; the regulation of overdrafted groundwater basins, etc.), we often hear phrases like these: "They're trying to steal our water!" or "No one can tell me what to do with my water!" This mini-seminar will provide you with a layman's guide to the complex, contradictory and downright confusing laws pertaining to water rights in California. It will help you better understand "just whose water is it anyway?"
March 11:
Carolyn Martin, Women Heroes in the Civil War. Back by popular demand, Women's History expert and college professor Carolyn Martin will present fascinating stories of Civil War women soldiers, spies, nurses (including one uppity one who set up 200 field hospitals), and a woman physician who earned the Medal of Honor. Learn what your history books ignored about the active involvement of Northern and Southern women in the Civil War.
March 18:
Pam Bone, Tips for a Water-Wise Landscape and Garden. Pam Bone, Landscape Horticulturalist and UC Lifetime Master Gardener, will present a colorful PowerPoint that will include ways to save water in home landscapes and gardens. Her talk will cover proper garden and landscape design, soil and irrigation management with specific strategies for efficient lawn watering, and a look at water efficient landscapes and drought resistant plants.
March 25:
No Mini-Seminar: Campus closed for Spring Break.
April 1:
James Scott, World War I in the Sacramento Valley. James Scott, Information Services Librarian with the Sacramento Public Library, will return to discuss the Sacramento Valley's role in World War I, including the draft in the Sacramento Valley, Valley WWI heroes, and Sacramento Valley WWI memorials, among other topics. Scott's past presentations have been very well-received by Renaissance members and are always interesting and informative.
April 8:
Ivy Hendy, Self-help with Smiles: The Amazing Life of Samuel Smiles, the Father of Self-Help Movement. What do today's self-help gurus promise you? Assurances of a new sense of well-being often come with guarantees of easy weight loss, control of stress, instantaneous wealth and a dramatically improved sex life. Ivy Hendy explores the historic roots of the modern self-help movement in this PowerPoint presentation. The focus will be on Samuel Smiles, a Victorian who practiced up-by-your-bootstraps methods and is the father of the first book on self-help.
April 15:
Thomas Bartlett, History, Uses, and Regulations of Drones. Thomas Bartlett of the Sacramento Drone Organization will discuss the history and uses of Drones, both commercial and recreational, as well as current laws and regulations governing drones.
April 22:
Ed Gilbert, Senior Legal Issues. Attorney Ed Gilbert of the Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals, will discuss the functions of the Coalition and the role it plays in Senior Legal Issues.
April 29:
Member Garey Young will present an updated presentation regarding Chernobyl a day after its 30th anniversary. He will talk about the actual accident, as well as what has happened since in both the Ukraine and the rest of the world. (The scheduled speaker has cancelled.) Brian Braid, Healthy Aging and Mental Health. Healthy aging is about much more than staying physically healthy; it's also about staying emotionally healthy and maintaining your sense of purpose and zest for life. This presentation and discussion will cover strategies for improving mental health and maintaining a strong emotional core. We'll talk about tools and exercises we can use to help ourselves and others feel good. Particular attention will be given to understanding grief and depression. We will practice the tools we learn about, and audience participation is encouraged.
May 6: NOTE: Program change!
Doris Keller will outline the history of women pilots. The Wright brothers first controlled flight in 1903. Almost immediately, women were in air: barnstorming, flying exhibitions, flying the mail, participating in contests and organizing women aviators' groups. They helped build planes during WW II and flew planes to where they were needed for the war efforts. Some women became test pilots and passed all the tests to become astronauts, but were denied, despite taking their case to the U.S. Congress. Now it is not uncommon for women to fly jets, have commanded the space shuttle and walk in space.