Map for Douglass Hall

PC Clinic

Friday, 12 to 12:45 p.m., Douglass 106

Marian Kile

These clinics are for members who want to learn how to use their PC more effectively. Each class will provide tips on different aspects of using the PC. They are on a drop-in basis so no registration is needed.

Feb. 5: Using Google for Searching the Internet
Have trouble finding exactly what we want on the Internet? Marian will share some great tips and techniques for more effective searches that can make our searching easier and more productive.
Feb. 12: Cutting and Pasting from the Internet
Learning how cut and paste articles and/or images from the internet for more powerful presentations. These same techniques can be used in coping something for other uses as well.
Feb. 19: Using a Flash (USB) Drive
Almost everyone has a USB Flash Drive now, but we don't know how to use it effectively. A Flash Drive is the portable storage device, taking the place of "floppies" but smaller and faster with MUCH more capacity. Marian will explain a little about how it works and a lot more on how we can use it effectively.
Feb. 26: Inserting Pictures into MS Word
Marian will show us how to insert a picture or image in our Word 2010 documents. She will also share special formatting tips that make it easier to use.
March 4: Organizing Folders on our PC
Knowing how to use folders allows us to file, organize and quickly retrieve our documents and photos! Learn how to create, name, rename, move and delete files and folders.
March 11: Organizing Pictures on our PC
Can't find the picture we want? Marian will give us some tips on how to make this task easier so we can manage all of those images.
March 18: Basics of Using Facebook
Marian will show us how to connect with family and friends around the globe with this free application. It is great way to find out what others are doing as well as share some of our own activities.
March 25:
Spring Break; No Seminars.
April 1: PDF Magic
Marian will show us the why, the what and the how of creating Portable Document Format (PDF). It is very handy for emailing documents or storing final products.
April 8: Using Google Drive
What is this cloud storage? Is it really free? Can I share my documents with others? Why would I want to use it? Marian will answer these questions and more.
April 15: Setting Up a Free Email Account
Most of us have our personal email accounts. How many of us have thought about getting an additional free email account? Marian will explain why we might want one of these for ourselves, our organization or even our committee. She will also demonstrate how easy it is to set up one of these public accounts.
April 22: Downloading and Attaching Files in Email
This week we will learn a very few, easy steps or "clicks" on our keyboard to create more accurate and informative emails. An added benefit: no more typing or retyping of information!! Learn the difference between downloading and uploading.
April 29: Adding Contacts and Setting Up a Distribution List
Learn the basics of these day-to-day functions as well as some unique tips that can make emailing easier for ourselves or perhaps a committee or team email.
May 6: Using Online Recipe Box (OneTsp.Com), Kathy Beasley
With so much focus on good food and healthy eating, recipes are everywhere: online, in newspapers and magazines, in books and on those handy file cards we've written over the years in our own kitchens. What if we could bring them all together in one easy-to-use spot? This class will look at how using can help us get and stay organized when it comes to cooking.