Travel and Adventure

Friday, 10 to 11:30 a.m., Library 1533

Richard Peter, Terry Moss, Tom Dole, Linda Alameda

The sharing of travel experiences serves as an excellent aid in both the planning and execution of travel plans. Others' experiences, both good and bad, can help take much of the mystery and hassle out of our own travel adventures.

In this seminar, members can meet informally to share such experiences, listen to speakers on travel subjects of interest, and perhaps find companions willing to team up on particular tours.

This is an open, drop-in seminar limited in attendees to the number of chairs available as determined by Fire Department regulations. You cannot sign up in advance. Get there early to get a seat!

PLEASE NOTE: No food and only certain drinks are allowed in the library.

Sept. 1: Surprising Poland.
While having lunch in a restaurant in Lisbon, three inebriated Polish men at a nearby table told Rella and Roger Remedios (and everyone in the restaurant) that they were shocked that our intrepid explorers had not planned to visit Poland on their year-long stay in Europe. After promising that they would consider the possibility, Roger and Rella arranged for a 12-day tour of Poland in May 2016, their final month in Europe. Although the three men in the restaurant were inebriated, they were right about their home country. The history, sights, people and food were excellent.
Sept. 8: Singapore: Cultural Crossroads.
At the tip of the Malay peninsula, just above the equator, lies the prosperous city-state of Singapore. Founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles, it has long been associated with trade, finance and food. With a reputation for cleanliness, order, high costs and stiff penalties for minor infractions, Singapore may not be on your bucket list as a travel destination. Mostly true, but it's a glamorous Chinese city unlike any other with Malay, Indian and Chinese influences everywhere. Bob Orr and Rose Gong visited the city and came away with an appreciation of Singapore and its many attractions.
Sept. 15: Sightseeing on the Gobi.
Terry Moss and a friend travelled to Mongolia in 2007. Their trip proved to be interesting, exciting and totally different from other travel experiences. They attended the annual Naadam Festival that was staged in the capital, Ulaan Bator, and featured competitions in archery, wrestling and horse racing. Sightseeing on the Gobi desert presented the opportunity to stay in yurts, see Bactrian camels and watch horses being milked.
Sept. 22: Mark and Jan’s European Vacation.
Mark and Jan Heckey celebrated Jan's retirement from the Sacramento County Health Department by travelling to Europe for three weeks in the fall of 2016. They will present two aspects of their travel adventure: inn-to-inn self-guiding hiking in the Austrian Alps, and a guided river cruise along the Danube. The Danube trip was with Viking Cruises and extended from Budapest, Hungary, to Nuremberg, Germany.
Sept. 29: Springtime in Spain.
Elaine Duxbury and a friend traveled through Spain on a trip they’d planned by themselves. By train and bus they visited Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba, Granada and Seville with side trips to smaller towns and villages. One of the highlights was the colorful Feria de Abril (April Fair) in Seville, but each day offered its own architectural splendors and tasty delights.
Oct. 6: An Epic Travel Adventure.
Virginia Sturdevant relives her 1978 overland camping adventure from London to Kathmandu, Nepal. She trekked from the turquoise coast of Turkey, through the Iranian desert and along the ancient caravan routes of the rugged Afghani highlands. Continuing through the famed Khyber Pass, she dropped down into exotic Pakistan, India and ultimately Nepal.
Oct. 13: Bethlehem: Beyond Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity.
For many tourists, Bethlehem is a one-hour Manger Square-Church of the Nativity stop on a bus tour. This presentation will introduce some of the other aspects of this 5,000-year-old town and the realities that it currently faces. The presenter, Brigitte Jaensch, will introduce co-presenters affiliated with Sacramento, Bethlehem's Sister City.
Oct. 20: Alaska, the Great Land.
Doug Stryker will be presenting his trip up the Inside Passage from Vancouver, BC, to Skagway, Alaska. This will be followed by a journey along the Yukon River to Dawson City in the Yukon Territory and finishing up with stops in Fairbanks, Denali National Park and Anchorage.
Oct. 27: Chasing Thoreau.
After 20 years and 16 long-distance, solo kayak voyages, Jim Payne is about ready to wrap up these escapades. His fourth book, Chasing Thoreau: An Adventure in Paddling and Philosophy, brings together all the elements of his travel writing: adventure, history and culture. This book describes Jim's effort to trace an 1839 rowboat trip taken by Henry David Thoreau and his brother on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Jim explores his philosophic side as well as these New England rivers.
Nov. 3: From Paris to the Swiss Alps, Paris-Mosel-Rhine Rivers with a Swiss Oberland Jaunt for Dessert.
Bob and Jennifer Martin embark on an idyllic itinerary as they combine a nine-day excursion in Paris with a cruise down the Mosel River, up the Rhine to Basel and ending the trip in Zurich. Special attention will be given to the enchanting Mosel River as it winds down through steep vineyard-covered canyons en route to the Rhine. At Zurich, the Martins stashed their cruise duds in exchange for alpine dress and gear. With Swiss Travel passes in hand, they traveled to the heart of the Swiss Oberland on their own, among majestic mountains, quaint villages and hanging glaciers.
Nov. 10:
No Class. Veterans Day.
Nov. 17: Panama - More Than Just a Canal.
Chris and Julia Smith found that there is more to Panama than just a canal. They did get to see both ends of the canal and traveled along it by train, but also discovered some lovely towns in the interior. They'll share their slides and stories of this fascinating country.
Nov. 24:
No Class. Thanksgiving Holiday.
Dec. 1: Birding in Cuba.
Marti Ikehara traveled to Cuba in March 2017 on a birding and cultural tour. She will share stories from her 10-day trip that started in Camaguey, visited both the north and south coasts, and ended in Havana. The tour group looked especially for the 28 endemic species of birds and learned about the history and current lifestyles of Cuba.