Travel and Adventure

Friday, 10 to 11:30 a.m., Library 1533

Richard Peter, Terry Moss, Tom Dole, Linda Alameda

The sharing of travel experiences serves as an excellent aid in both the planning and execution of travel plans. Others' experiences, both good and bad, can help take much of the mystery and hassle out of our own travel adventures.

In this seminar, members can meet informally to share such experiences, listen to speakers on travel subjects of interest, and perhaps find companions willing to team up on particular tours.

This is an open, drop-in seminar limited in attendees to the number of chairs available as determined by Fire Department regulations. You cannot sign up in advance. Get there early to get a seat!

PLEASE NOTE: No food and only certain drinks are allowed in the library.

Feb. 3: Birds, Berries and Beautiful Fall Color.
In September 2016, Bud Getty and Dorene Clement joined an Earthwatch expedition in Maine's Acadia National Park, assessing the effects of climate change on the migratory bird population. When not counting berries, collecting insects and examining bird poop under a microscope, they explored Maine's spectacular rocky coast and New Hampshire's stunning White Mountains, while enjoying Northern New England's glorious early fall color.
Feb. 10: Biking the Great Allegheny Passage.
Richard and JoAnn Peter, joined by friend Susan Sundell, biked 335 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.C., on a route commonly known as The Great Allegheny Passage, or simply The GAP. The GAP includes about 155 miles of old railroad right-of-way and approximately 180 miles of towpath on the C&O Canal, nearly flat and a pleasure to ride. The route comprises lush green forests, Civil War sites, numerous tunnels, aqueducts, white-water rivers and an architectural masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright, plus four states and the District of Columbia.
Feb. 17: Westfjords of Iceland.
The 2011 volcanic eruption that for a few days interrupted air travel in Europe created more interest in Iceland. Since then, tourism to Iceland has tripled. Few of those tourists, however, travel to the northwest area called the Westfjords. This year Ed Weiss took a tour of the Westfjords to study the geology of this part of the country. He will share his experiences with some video images he took during his travels.
Feb. 24: Bolivian Altiplano.
Prior to joining an OAT tour through Peru and the Galapagos, Steve Lavezzo spent two weeks on his own exploring the altiplano of Bolivia.
March 3: Cascade Volcanoes.
From Mount Lassen through Oregon and Washington, even into Canada, the magnificent—and dangerous—Cascade Range towers over mostly open country. The scariest peak is Mt. Rainier, from whose 14,000-foot glaciers may come raging 50 mph lahars, mud flows that could devastate the Seattle-Tacoma area in the event of a volcanic eruption. The remaining ancient peaks just sit in magnificent beauty and feature glaciers, endless snow, deep forests, incredible scenery and amazing hikes for the hardier visitors. Richard Fuller spent two weeks in the summer of 2015 touring potential disaster areas, hiking and bringing back outstanding photos. Mt. Shasta erupted in 1783, Mt. Lassen in 1914-1917 and Mt. St. Helens in 1980. What's next?
March 10: South Korea, Past and Present.
When contemplating travel to Asia, most of us would probably focus on either Japan or China. But what about those "tigers," the dynamic, export-driven economies of Taiwan and South Korea that have propelled those small countries to prosperity and high living standards over a relatively short period? Rose Gong and Bob Orr on separate trips visited both, and the latter is the subject of their presentation. The Korean peninsula has been at the mercy of political upheavals throughout its entire history, which, depending on your perspective, dates from either 2,333 BC or 700,000 BC. Buddhist, Confucian and Japanese influence pervade the art, architecture and culture of present-day Goryeo (Korea) as you'll see in this presentation.
March 17: Travel Photography in Ireland.
Join Tom Blackburn on a delightful tour of southern Ireland, a trip filled with beautiful scenery, enlightening history lectures and lively Irish traditional music each evening. Tom will share as much of the experience as time will allow as well as a few new travel photo tips that he discovered on the trip. If seminar attendees would like to bring in some of their own photos, Tom would be happy to offer suggestions and comments.
March 24:
No Class. Spring Break.
March 31:
No Class. Cesar Chavez Day.
April 7: Living with the Locals in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Chris and Julia Smith were home-hosted with six different families as they traveled through Hong Kong and Taiwan. They will share their journey to see a huge Buddha, visit and aboriginal village, enjoy spectacular museums, drink 50-year-old tea and sample "stinky tofu."
April 14: Travels to Myanmar.
In January of 2016, Terry Mossand his wife traveled to Myanmar (formerly Burma), a newly created democracy in Southeast Asia. There were many highlights for this new tourist destination, which included thousands of pagodas, sailing down the long Irrawaddy River, viewing a unique method of fishing on Lake Inle and visiting Mandalay, where the flying fishes are reputed to play. The trip proved to be memorable, despite the 33-hour flight home.
April 21: Real, Affordable Costa Rica. NOTE: Schedule Change!
Join four old friends, Steve Lavezzo, Heidi Foster and Bob and Carla Young, as they journey to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world: Costa Rica. This eco-friendly country has an amazing variety of environments: beautiful beaches, incredible rain forests and one of the world's most active volcanoes. With all the magnificent scenery, a wealth of flora and fauna and hospitable people, we will savor a mid-winter getaway and sample delicious foods, including locally grown coffee. We'll share 14 days of adventure-type touring with Overseas Adventure Travel, then recuperate on a tropical beach on Costa Rica's Pacific coast.
April 28: Travel for Genealogical Research. NOTE: Schedule Change!
You've researched your family history online and you know lots of names and places. Now Helen Flach will explain how you can make your research come alive through travel and learn far more about your family than you could ever learn at home.
May 5: Turkish Odyssey.
Several years ago, Jessica and Bob Seyfried, along with several other Travel and Adventure members, booked a tour of Turkey with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT). The tour, not without some initial hurdles to overcome, turned out to be outstanding from beginning to end. OAT pulled out all the stops to make this a most memorable adventure for all of us. From providing us with an excellent guide, to great accommodation and a luxury gullet on the Aegean, OAT made certain that our adventure from Istanbul to Cappadocia to the Lycean coast was most memorable. Of all our overseas trips, this one to Turkey remains one of the best we've ever taken and will never be forgotten.