Travel and Adventure

Friday, 10 to 11:30 a.m., Library 1533

Richard Peter, Terry Moss, Tom Dole

The sharing of travel experiences serves as an excellent aid in both the planning and execution of travel plans. Others' experiences, both good and bad, can help take much of the mystery and hassle out of our own travel adventures.

In this seminar, members can meet informally to share such experiences, listen to speakers on travel subjects of interest, and perhaps find companions willing to team up on particular tours.

This is an open, drop-in seminar limited in attendees to the number of chairs available as determined by Fire Department regulations. You cannot sign up in advance. Get there early to get a seat!

PLEASE NOTE: No food and only certain drinks are allowed in the library.

Feb. 5: Spanish Journey.
Join Cecile and Nancy Aird on a trip to two of Spain's most magnificent cities. Barcelona is one of the world's leading tourist, economic and cultural centers. Its influence on commerce, education, fashion, science and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world's global cities. Seville is the most populous city in southern Spain and has the largest GDP of any city in Andalucia, accounting for a quarter of that region's economy. The 1990s saw massive investment in Seville's infrastructure, largely due to its hosting of the Universal Expo in 1992. (Note: This is a continuation of last semester's presentation, which had to be cut short due to technical issues.)
Feb. 12: Bhutan, Tibet and Everest
Follow Tom Miner into the unique country of Bhutan, a land where there is no smoking, plastic bags or billboards, and where Gross National Happiness is more important than the Gross National Product. Then into Tibet, the Roof of the World, land of 1,000-year-old monasteries and sacred pilgrimage sites, including the Portala Palace, former home of the Dalai Lama. Finally, Tom ventured into Nepal for a three-week trek to Everest Base Camp, an elephant-back safari in search of the one-horned rhinos, and a visit to a seven-year-old living goddess in her residence.
Feb. 19: North to the Great White Bears.
In October 2015, Bud Getty and Dorene Clement journeyed to the distant outpost of Churchill, Manitoba, to see the magnificent but now threatened polar bears. Traveling north from Winnipeg over 1,000 miles on "Canada’s slowest train," they experienced the vastness and surprising beauty of Manitoba, from the capital city through prairie, boreal forest, taiga and tundra, to the icy shore of Hudson Bay. There they had their first dogsled ride and from the elevated safety of a tundra buggy, they wen eyeball-to-eyeball with the great white bears themselves.
Feb. 26: Travel Photography.
Drawing on years of travel experience, Tom Blackburn presents a brief survey of travel photography equipment needs, image-capture techniques and image organization and storage, as well as effective slide show presentation.
March 4: Vietnam and Laos.
Join Jerry Barnes on a visit to Southeast Asia. Beginning in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly, Saigon), we fly to Hoi An, recently declared a UNESCO world heritage site. From here we continue to Hanoi, ending our Vietnamese tour with a boat cruise among the spectacular limestone peaks of Halong Bay. From Hanoi we fly to Chiang Rai via Bangkok, where we start our tour of tour of Laos, crossing the border into Pakbeng. From here we take a boat down the Mekong River to spend several days in Luan Prabang. Continuing to Phonsavan, we visit the Plain of Jars then conclude our journey in Vientiane.
March 11: Croatia Land and Island Hopping.
Scott Jercich from Croatia Travel Experts will share his thoughts and experiences about Croatia. The popularity of Croatia as a tourist destination is skyrocketing. In 2015 tourism grew 20 percent and the second largest group to visit the old walled city of Dubrovnik was North American. With its pleasant Mediterranean climate, spectacular coastline, beautiful national forests, rich history and delightful cuisine, this small European country is finding its way onto the bucket list of even the most discriminating traveler.
March 18: Nicaragua: Its People, Culture and Ceramics.
Sandra Carter will talk about the 25-year old Sacramento nonprofit organization Friends of San Juan de Oriente, which has maintained a long-term relationship with the people of that town. The organization helps the potters of San Juan to market their high-quality ceramics in the Sacramento area, and sales proceeds are returned to San Juan to assist in building the community there. Sandra has accompanied several delegations traveling to San Juan de Oriente and has had the opportunity to visit many places of interest in Nicaragua. The presentation will include photos, video, music and samples of ceramics.
March 25:
Spring Break; No seminar.
April 1: Glacier National Park.
In August 2015, 39 members of Jere's Jaunts Hiking Group traveled to Glacier National Park in Montana for two weeks of adventure. Share details of their trip, which included hiking more than 75 miles, ziplining almost a mile and whitewater rafting down the Flathead River. Highlights in the park included hikes to Grinnell Glacier, Many Glacier, Logan Pass, Two Medicine Lake and driving along the Going to the Sun Highway. The group also hiked Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada.
April 8: High Altitude.
Terry and Joann Moss spent April and May of 2015 visiting Peru and Bolivia. Most of their tour was at elevations of 12,000 to 15,000 feet. Two of the many highlights were the Colca Canyon, which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, and Lake Titicaca, where the indigenous population lives on floating islands built of reeds.
April 15: The Axis Powers.
Terry Moss and Richard Fuller recount their experiences in two of the Axis Powers countries: Germany and Japan. Terry's experiences are set in three time frames: army duty in the 1950s, teaching and coaching "army brats" in the 1960s and staying in the ancient town of Bacharach in October of 2000. Richard talks about riding the bullet train to Hiroshima, temples and geisha in Kyoto, fighting the crowds up Mt. Fuji, the controversial Japanese War Museum, the House of the Rising Sun where the emperor still lives, warring Sumo fighters and Yomiyuri Giants, Admiral Tojo's palace and much more.
April 22: Guatemala Celebrations.
Elaine Duxbury has visited Guatemala several times, including twice during Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Antigua, with its many religious processions and its colorful flower and sawdust carpets in the churches and streets. Another trip was for two Mayan friends' traditional wedding in their village. Elaine will show her photos of these events, as well as other scenes from the Land of Eternal Spring.
April 29: Rick Steves Travel DVDs
This presentation has been cancelled because of health problems with the presenter. Instead, travel DVDs featuring Rick Steves will be shown. It's been several years since Jim Jones visited Chiawa Lodge in the South Luangwa camp in Zambia. However, there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn’t think of it. He took lots of pictures, but still has memories that will be with him always. He says he's a pretty good photographer, but none of the pictures can really do justice to the birds and animals that he saw—many of them so close that no telephotos were necessary. He could study the elephants. These animals have a social order much like ours, but better. He says he doesn’t know what the habits of leopards are, but he did not go a single day without seeing them hunting, mating and fighting with cubs.
May 6: Exploring the Eastern Sierra.
Join Richard Peter as he revisits the spectacular, historic and unexpected wonders of the Eastern Sierra region of central California. Included are the world's oldest and most massive living things, the lowest point in the U.S., the highest point in the contiguous U.S., the site of Los Angeles' greatest water rip-off, a classic ghost town and the remnants of a camp where thousands of loyal Americans were illegally imprisoned in WWII.