Rossmoor Bar
Pie Walk
The Annual Pie Walk at Rossmoor Bar
Photos by Allen Jamieson


Wednesday mornings, 9:30 a.m.

Norma Markley, Chris Dreier, Tilly Fairman

There are two groups of walkers, with a leader for each group. The leaders determine where the walk will be and prepare a description of the walk. They will walk the two walks beforehand to determine the distance, as the Hares walk four miles and the Tortoises two miles; will look for adequate parking and for restroom facilities; and will find out, if a state or county park, how much the fee is.

They will choose a restaurant for lunch, and verify that the restaurant has room for a large group and adequate parking. The leader will include directions to the walk in the description. Some leaders include interesting facts about the park or area of the walk.

We also inform people that they are expected to stay with their group. We encourage carpooling and provide walkers with a zip code list of the walkers for that purpose. We give each leader a medical emergency packet, and if walkers forgot to wear their Renaissance name tag, we require them to provide their emergency information.

Registration is required and there is no maximum size.

Feb. 10: Willow and Humbug Creeks, Folsom, Lance Muller
Feb. 17: Ashton Park, Janice Chung
Feb. 24: Woodland, Del and Marilyn Jack
March 2: Curtis Park, Heidi Foster
March 9: TBD, Muriel and Orv Herr
March 16: Raley Field and Old Town Sac, Nancy and Phil de l'Etoile
March 23: No Walkabout
Spring Break
March 30: Fair Oaks, Dan Cross
April 6: Laguna Creek Parkway, Donna Eash
April 13: Davis Arboretum, Nancy Kuzins and Mary Runyon
April 20: Folsom Creeks, Chuck Donaldson
April 27: CSUS Medley, Carol Limbaga, Milo Turaylich
May 4: Placerville area, Gail Reed, Gail Davidson