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Renaissance Walkabouts

Wednesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. during Fall and Spring semesters!

— Be there at 9:25 a.m. for stretches before each Walkabout! winking smiley

— No Walkabouts are held during CSUS instructional recesses and holidays! —

Scroll down to the bottom of this webpage to see the Walkabouts schedule, and to register for Walkabouts if you haven't already done so!

More About Walkabouts:

Walkabouts groups:

We currently have nearly 220 Renaissance Society members registered with Walkabouts — about 11% of the total membership!

You are free to attend any Walkabout you want, and we have no maximum number of walkers. Usually 30-40 people show up for Walkabouts, but once we had more than 60 participants!  

And, you are always welcome to join us!  We are only as strong as our membership!

Tortoise & Hare

Tortoise & Hare scupture, by Nancy Schön
Copley Square, Boston, MA

Responsibilities of Walkabouts leaders and co-leaders:

Each Walkabout has a volunteer leader and co-leader — one for the Tortoises and one for the Hares:

Responsibilities of Walkers:
  1. Due to the potential for injuries, all walkers are required to wear their Renaissance nametags with emergency information.  Each participant without a Renaissance tag will be required to write out their emergency information before proceeding on the Walkabout.
  2. Each walker is expected to stay with the Walkabouts group, or tell the leader if they are leaving.
  3. Current membership with the Renaissance Society is required.  Update or join anew at the Membership button link above.
  4. Registration with the Walkabouts group is also required.  See the Register for Walkabouts section, below, for details.
  5. Walkers make their own choice to go to lunch, or not.
  6. Sorry, dogs are not allowed!
  7. And, lastly, we always walk on the left, so bikes can safely pass on our right!
  8. This is the standard for all trails in this region, with these exceptions:
    • UC Davis, where people walk on the right, and bikes approach on the left, and
    • CSUS, where there don't seem to be any rules on where to walk or bike!   winking smiley

Walkers who do not comply with this safety requirement
will not be permitted to participate in Walkabouts!

Walk Left, Bike Right

City of Folsom trail marking
Photo by Nanci Kuzins

Walkabouts Schedule:

If you have registered for Walkabouts, at 11 AM on the Wednesday preceding each Walkabout, you will get an email with additional details and links to detailed downloadable documents!

Fall, 2017 Renaissance Society Walkabouts Schedule:

Walkabouts Registration:

If you're already registered for Walkabouts, please don't re-register!  You're already registered — don't clone yourself!

And, if you're already registered, & need to change your email address, or any other registration field — just click the 'update subscription preferences' link at the bottom of your last Walkabouts email — and make whatever changes you want!   Ditto if you want to click on the 'unsubscribe from this list' link — it's the same as un-registering from Walkabouts!

However, if you aren't yet registered for Walkabouts, please go ahead and do so!

That's the only way we can send you Walkabout email's & other updates!

Click here to newly register for Walkabouts!

  1. After hitting this button, another window will open, and you will be prompted to fill in a form.
  2. When you complete it, you will get an email — and you will need to respond to it if you want to successfully register.
  3. Next, in another webform, you will need check a box, and then choose pictures that match the question being asked. These steps are necessary to intercept "robot" programs trying to scam us humans! winking smiley
  4. Lastly, you will get another email confirming you are registered to Walkabouts. If you don't get it, you missed one of the steps! winking smiley

When you register for Walkabouts, you will be asked if you want to carpool with other Walkers.  If you "opt-in", then you will get a zip-code sorted list with phone numbers before the start of the CSUS Fall and Spring semesters, and at various other times, as needed. winking smiley

Walkabout Coordinators:

Mary Runyan and Donna Eash

Getting each Walkabout scheduled and led, and coordinating with Renaissance Society.

Lance Muller

Information Technology support: i.e., Walkabouts registration, web design, email campaigns, Walkabout maps, and working with leaders to prepare consistent Walkabout flyers.

Photo by Norma Markley

Photo by Norma Markley

Walkabouts participants scale the rock piles at Rossmoor Bar