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Congratulations to the mentors from Spring 2013


Welcome to those who wish to apply in

Fall 2013


The Sac-MENTORING Program is an experiential learning course designed to integrate theory and practice for Sac State students by acting as a catalyst for an engaging mentoring relationship. We are proud to partner with the counseling staff at Rosemont High School. This collaboration has allowed for the creation of a program that matches collegians and high school students in an effort to provide youth with a positive role model and friend. In doing so, the Sac-MENTORING Program provides a reciprocal learning environment while at the same time, providing an important service to our community. Students who choose to enroll will receive 3 units of upper division elective credit in criminal justice (other disciplines may also grant elective credit for this course). If you would like more information about the Sac-MENTORING Program, please contact program staff.

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The forms are now available using the links in the left margin above and there are some packets available outside the Sac-Mentoring office in Alpine 203. This course will be available on SacCT and I strongly recommend that students who are interested in enrolling have some experience working in SacCT as there is a great deal of information that will be shared using this medium of instruction. Be prepared to check SacCT at least three times each week for periodic updates and additions to the calendar of events at Sacramento State that might be of interest to you and your protégé. Using the link to the forms, visit this page and download the entire application packet and syllabus to determine if you are ready to commit to all the course requirements. After you download the requisite forms, please make sure your schedule will not prohibit you from complying with the dates and times you will need to set aside in order to maximize the mentoring experience.  Finally, forms are due in the Sac-Mentoring office in Alpine 203 no later than August 30th.  You should have your background investigation started before August 21st.  All required forms must be submitted prior to or on the designated date for the mandatory training session (Sep 10th from 6-8:30pm).


Contact Information

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Ricky S. Gutierrez


Program Coordinator:



California State University, Sacramento
Division of Criminal Justice
6000 J. Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6085


August 5, 2012
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