SEA Bowling Night 2006

Here's Josh having a marvelous time . . . okay, maybe not. At least he's got a cold one.

I'm not sure what Kace and Jessica are talking about, but Walter sure doesn't look happy about it.

I guess whatever it was, it wasn't a big deal.

Here's a good shot of Jeff (A.K.A. The Asian Tiger) and Sarah having a great time.

Well, we had to have somebody test the lane.

See, it's alright. She got out perfectly fine.

I guess we had to run across a picture of these two eventually. Moving right along . . .

A good picture of many of the bowling night's attendees. Josh is obviously explaining the finer points of bowling to Jeff in the background.

Bowling sure is fascinating.

A close-up of our Executive Vice President. Pay no attention to the men in the background.

More jovial onlookers at our smash-hit bowling event.

Emily (right) is showing us what true bowling form looks like.

Gotta love the Prize Arcade.