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Second Edition: Life and Death Matters: Human Rights, Environment, and Social Justice

February 3, 2011

By Barbara Rose Johnston (Center for Political Ecology), Left Coast Press, 2011, ISBN 9781598743395, 487 pages.

The second edition of Barbara Rose Johnston’s book Life and Death Matters: Human Rights, Environment, and Social Justice was recently published by Left Coast Press. Johnston was the Distinguished Speaker at the 2005 SWAA Conference Banquet.

From the Left Coast Press Book Description:

The first edition of Life and Death Matters was a breakthrough text, centralizing the experiences of those on the front lines of environmental crises and forging new paradigms for understanding how crises emerge and how different groups of actors respond to them. The second edition, updated with expanded and new chapters, once again provides a benchmark for the field and opens important pathways for further research. Authors reassess the state of scholarship and grassroots activism in a new century when social and environmental systems are being reconceptualised within post-9/11 security and biosecurity frameworks, when global warming and resource scarcity are not fears but realities, when global power and politics are being realigned, and when ecocide, ethnocide, and genocide are daily tragedies.