The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California, site of SWAA 2015 • by Mike Fernwood (CC BY-SA 2.0)

SWAA ’15 Conference

The Southwestern Anthropological Association's 86th Annual Conference will be held at the Queen Mary, Long Beach, California on May 1–2, 2015.

Message from the SWAA President

Hilarie Kelly
University of La Verne

The 86th Annual SWAA Conference will be held from May 1–2, 2015 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. This is truly a venue like no other. This extraordinary piece of history reminds us of the long-term ties we have to globalization and human migration. How many thousands of stories unfolded on her decks? Books have been written on this topic, and even Westways, the magazine of the Automobile Association of Southern California, featured a lively recounting of her drama and charms in their September 2014 issue. Technology, tourism, class, historical and cultural nostalgia, and even a few hauntings are among the many themes evoked by this venue.

The theme of the conference will be ‘Voyages: Past, Present and Future.’ What voyages has anthropology taken us on, and where is our discipline headed? Read more…

Welcome to SWAA

The Southwestern Anthropological Association (SWAA) is a regional association of academic and applied anthropologists and students in the southwestern states of California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Our members do research in all areas of the world and include social-cultural anthropologists, linguistic anthropologists, archaeologists, biological anthropologists, and applied anthropologists in all fields. Our goals are to encourage innovative research and to promote public interest in all varieties of anthropological inquiry.

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