SWAA 2010 Archive

The SWAA Annual Conference for 2010 took place from April 29 to May 2 at the University of Nevada, Reno. Learn more about the event:

Call for Papers

Place, Space, Environment, and Climate

For the 2010 annual conference, the Southwestern Anthropological Association invites proposals from across the sub-disciplines of anthropology that consider the relationship of humans and their ancestors to both the places and environments in which they live and to the changing Earth. We solicit papers, posters, organized sessions, and films that look closely at the way people conceive of space and place, human relationships to environment, and human responses to and perceptions of environmental change. We are particularly, but not exclusively, interested in papers that examine the influence of global warming and climate change on communities and populations or that address various cultural modes of interpreting, understanding, and dealing with the land and the larger environment. Subjects may include contemporary, historical, prehistoric, and ancestral populations.