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Student Paper Competition

Every year, a competition is held for student papers that will be presented at the Annual Conference.

First Prize $200
Second Prize $100
Third Prize $50

Papers submitted to the competition must be the same as the one presented at this year's conference to be eligible for a prize.

Submit an Entry Online

Entries in the Student Paper Competition must be submitted by April 17, 2015, 11:59 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time. The paper will be uploaded as a document file; the type of that file must be .doc, .docx, or .pdf. Fill out the following form, making sure to select the document file in which you have prepared your paper, and then click on the Submit button. Items marked with an asterisk () are required.

Criteria for Evaluation of Student Papers

  1. The paper must have a statement of purpose, theme, or problem.
    The paper may be based on fieldwork or on a literature search. It may add data, illuminate previously collected data, or explore linkages of ideas. Tell the reader what you think you are doing in a clear introduction to the paper.
  2. The paper must be placed in a context—preferably anthropological, broadly defined.
    You must show the connection of your topic to anthropology. To do so, you should employ a literature search, even if small.
  3. The paper must specify, however briefly, the methods used.
  4. The body of the paper must be organized.
    The paper must be clearly connected to the statement of purpose, theme, or problem. Progress clearly from one idea to another. Relate ideas to evidence, either from data or from other references.
  5. The paper must spell out a conclusion that has a clear and solid connection to the theme, problem, or purpose described in the introduction.
    Describe what you think you have found—what contribution you think you have made. If your results are unexpected, explain why. Unpredictability and serendipity are common in anthropology and may well add to the strength of your paper.
  6. The length of the paper should be roughly related to the time frame in which it must be read.
    SWAA policy requires that the paper must be read at the annual meeting, approximately 20 minutes, i.e. about 12–15 pages long. You should not submit a paper that is significantly longer or shorter.
  7. The paper must conform to accepted standards of English prose in grammar, vocabulary and punctuation and must be properly proofread.
    The Chicago Manual of Style and the American Anthropological Association Style Guide are preferred tools for style and referencing.