First Year Orientation


"[FROSH Night] was an opportunity to experience the residence halls before moving in. It made scheduling classes less stressful and meeting people made the experience memorable."

Aquatic Center

"Attending FROSH Night at the Aquatic Center gave me the opportunity to meet other students. The Aquatic Center is AMAZING!"


"I love dancing so salsa was so much fun, and I also made some really good friends."

rock clmbing

"The ropes course was fun and [a great] time for bonding. Advising [was clarified for] me. Meeting new people is always fun."

F.R.O.S.H. Night

F.R.O.S.H. Night stands for "First Year Rockin' Out Shindig Hoopla" Night which is offered during First Year Orientation. During F.R.O.S.H. Night, students stay in the residence halls with other first year students and the orientation leaders. This is a fun activity for all students—even students who plan to commute to Sac State. (Please note that this program is for students only—there are no on-campus accommodations for parents/guests).

Attending F.R.O.S.H. Night is optional and costs (TBA) in addition to the First Year Orientation fee. The F.R.O.S.H. Night fee supports: room accomodations (including linens/towels/pillow), dinner, evening activities, staffing, late-night snacks, and t-shirt. Come spend the night with us at Orientation!

TOP 3 reasons students attended F.R.O.S.H. Night last summer:

  1. Meet other new students before school starts!
  2. Experience AMAZING campus programs. Have you ever climbed a ropes course, tried salsa dancing, or Kayaked?
  3. Get extra help planning their schedule for fall. Orientation leaders are available at F.R.O.S.H. Night to help students plan their schedule, which makes the second day of Orientation (and registration) go much more smoothly.

Check out our videos and see what exiting things we have planned for you this summer:

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Session C ():

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Session G ():

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Please Note***
Space is limited for F.R.O.S.H. Night! Reservations will be granted on a first-come first-served basis, so register soon. For safety reasons, students are not permitted to leave the campus grounds during the overnight program. But why would they want to with all the fun opportunities available?