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Welcome to CSU, Sacramento's
Online Writing Lab.

This is the index page, the foyer to the CSUS OWL.  From here you can navigate the different sections of the OWL.  To return to this menu, just click on the gold-colored "Home" button you will always find in the upper right corner of every page within the OWL. Additionally, some pages make use of the right and left gold-colored arrows. If you are running a 4th generation browser, the cursor tip will indicate navigational options. You will also find navigational links at the bottom of most pages.

This OWL makes use of JavaScript in an attempt to increase the interactivity of the various pages.  Much of the OWL has been specifically designed  to augment English classes at CSUS and the Los Rios Community Colleges; as a result, you will frequently find exercises with email prompts and drop-down lists of instructors' names.

Other sections of the OWL, particularly the sentence-level exercises, have been designed for use as a general review--and these pages will usually give more immediate feedback.

Whenever possible, the pages have been designed to be interactive: to either ask for or give some kind of feedback, to allow you to apply concepts, patterns and information (watch the status bar at the bottom of your screen, for instance).   Even though you will find occasional "static" pages, the intent of this OWL is to explore the ways in which web technology reflects and affects critical reading and writing skills and processes, to explore ways we weave our thoughts and associations into a kind of coherent web.

Interaction is the main focus of this OWL because of the dialogic nature of reading and writing, especially academic reading and writing.   Academic reading and writing, at their best, should be reflective responses to the text or class discussion, and should provoke simultaneous internal and external dialogues in search of meaning.

The OWL is divided into six sections:
CSUS OWL English 1 (English 57 or 58 in Los Rios Schools),
CSUS OWL English 1A,
CSUS OWL Reading to Write,
CSUS OWL MLA Documetation,
CSUS OWL Integrating multiple texts, and
CSUS OWL Sentence Patterns and Combining

You can access the opening page for each of these sections by either selecting the appropriate page from the drop down list to the left and clicking on the "Go" button, or by clicking on the hypertext links at the bottom of this page. 

Please note that the OWL is currently under development and will be updated frequently.   If you have ideas to offer, we would really enjoy hearing from you; please use the email link or the snail-mail address.


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