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Sentence Patterns and Combining 

This section is intended to be used largely as an independent review of basic sentence patterns and sentence combining both for variety and rhetorical purpose. 

Most of the basic concepts (identifying subjects, verbs, phrases, and clauses) include point-and-click quiz pages which give immediate feedback.  The intent is to help you gain a working knowledge of these elements. In addition, all of the quiz pages offer a very simple glossary at the bottom of the screen.

Writing the basic sentence patterns and working with ways of combining patterns and phrases will give you a chance to apply your knowledge of those sentence elements and help you develop a personal style that is grammatically correct and rhetorically effective.

There are also pages designed to help you master the basics of  MLA documentation formatting. These pages also suggest a number of options when working with multiple texts; dropping long quotes onto a page is rarely as effective as incorporating (using) the ideas from texts and then referencing your sources for your reader.

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Sentence Patterns