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FOCUS ON: New Campus Bookstore (Manuscript)

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Sacramento State’s new bookstore is open for business, with more books, more supplies, and more space. The new store opened early Monday, July 30.

The new facility underscores Sacramento State’s commitment to support students, faculty and the academic mission of the University and the community.


(Narrator:) From the campus of Sacramento State this is Focus. (Cash register rings)

(Book Store Employee) “Please make sure to have your receipts and your books available.”

(Jim Finnerty, reporting:) Following a trend seen cross country, Sacramento State’s new campus bookstore is designed to serve students, faculty and community members looking to draw upon the resources of the university.

(Pam Parsons, Director, Hornet Bookstore) “It’s important for students to not only feel proud of the school that they go to, but I think it’s important for the capital of California to be proud of its school.”

(Finnerty:) At 53 thousand square feet, the bookstore is almost twice the size of its predecessor. For students, that means faster shopping...along with other amenities.

(Daniel Orellana, Sacramento State Student:) “It’s laid out easily to get the books. All you got to look for is your course number and your teacher and you’ve got the books. You’re in and out pretty quick.”

(Ashley Smith, Sacramento State Student:) “This is a lot more open. Time goes by fast when you’re waiting in line. It doesn’t take nearly as long. The Java City’s over there which is good, too.”

(Finnerty:) In addition to its coffee house, the bookstore has an increased focus on technology including laptop computers and academic software. As well as designated textbook areas, the new store showcases faculty achievements.

(Lisa Hall, University Enterprises, Sacramento State:) “Allowing our faculty to be prominent. Their success in the store as well. True integration with the campus. We have areas now that we can dedicate to our faculty authors.”

(Finnerty:) The bookstore’s placement on campus, adjacent to the student union and library quad is part of an approach to developing a student hub with natural gathering spots that are inclusive.

(Hall:) “That community aspect is the really new thing for this store and the big expansion and the big thing that we were able to provide for our community.’

(Finnerty:) This is Jim Finnerty Reporting.

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