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Sacramento State Campus

FOCUS ON: Business Etiquette

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The Sacramento State Career Center helps students prepare for all aspects of job hunting and interviewing, including how to wine and dine.
(Narrator:) This is “Focus” from the campus of Sacramento State.

(Eva Gabbe, Sacramento State Career Center) “Wine and food are going to play a big part in your interview process.”

(Jim Finnerty reporting:) It may not be what you think of when it comes to a job search.

(Gabbe:) “Food is part of the American way of life. We’ve got to get involved with that and understand. We’ve got to be comfortable, and that’s what we do.”

(Finnerty:) This annual business etiquette dinner at Sacramento State is one of the unique approaches the University’s Career Center takes to give students specific tools for job searches and interacting with business associates.

(Suzi Potts, Southern Wine and Spirits:) “The wine selection can actually be a tool in the interview process, and I think that’s very unique and not common.”

(Finnerty): The business etiquette dinner touches on everything from the correct wine glass to the correct fork to use in a three course luncheon. Some students had specific questions.

(Carlos Castaneda, Sacramento State accounting student,) “I’m hoping that they give me a little bit of insight on when to eat, when to chew, what to do properly.”

(Finnerty:) For many job seekers, follow up interviews demand more than just specific “job” or technical knowledge.

(Gabbe:) “We found out that students who have been doing extremely well interviewing weren’t doing well when it was the second or third interview, a dinner meal or a lunch meal.”

(Lori Hess, Sacramento State student:) “And I realized that this was something I need to do that I will be taking on after school. So I’ve always been networking, but maybe not formally.”

(Finnerty:) That full range of skills can make a difference as students market themselves to prospective employers.

(Gabbe:) “We want them to understand that food is in every event, and they have to understand that being a business person, this is part of it.”

(Finnerty:) This is Jim Finnerty reporting.

(Narrator:) For more information on this and other news from Sacramento State, visit our website.

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