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Sacramento State Campus

FOCUS ON: Engineering Career Day

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Despite the downturn in the economy, the demand for engineering and computer science students remains high.
(Orin Bennett, Bennett Engineering: ) “Engineers are difficult to find.”

(Jim Finnerty reporting:) Orin Bennett is a Sacramento State engineering graduate. Today, he’s back on campus, looking for talent.

(Bennett:) “There are just not enough engineering graduates in the country, or for that matter, the world.”

(Finnerty:) Bennett’s is just one of more than 70 companies taking part in Sacramento State’s annual Engineering Career Day.

(Cici Mattiuzzi, director, Engineering Career Office:) “The companies tell us that our students, more than almost any other university they go to, are immediately productive.”

(Finnerty:) Sacramento State is one of the few universities in the country with a dedicated career office in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

(Jake White, Sacramento State sophomore: ) “I love the makeup of the companies here.”

(Finnerty:) Jake White came to the event looking for a summer internship.

(White:) “With the construction industry being such a vital asset to the economy, this is a very important career fair.”

(Finnerty:) Byron Payne was looking to find a career path.

(Byron Payne, Sacramento State senior:) “I want to know how their business is going to continue in the future and to grow.”

(Mattiuzzi:) “Even in the middle of a recession, there’s always a demand for engineers.”

(Kevan Shafizadeh, Sacramento State Engineering professor:) “With the stimulus package, there are a lot of opportunities to sort of have ‘shovel ready’ projects prepared for spending.”

(Finnerty:) Employment figures show that the demand for engineers will continue to grow in the next decade with annual average salaries starting at well over $50,000.

(Mattiuzzi:) “This is that point when all that education, all that learning that they’ve done, comes together.”

(Finnerty:) This is Jim Finnerty reporting.

(Narrator:) For more information on this and other news from Sacramento State, visit our website.

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