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Sacramento State Campus

FOCUS ON: Sacramento State Women’s Gymnastics

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The Sacramento State Women’s Gymnastics team “practices for perfection” under the direction of Kim Hughes, who has coached the team for 29 years.

(Narrator:) This is “Focus” from the campus of Sacramento State.

(Kim Hughes, Sacramento State women’s gymnastics coach:) “Gymnastics starts with basics, and these gymnasts have been working since they were young girls.”

(Jim Finnerty reporting:) After 29 years with Sacramento State women’s gymnastics, 26 as head coach, Kim Hughes knows a lot about “practicing for perfection.”

(Hughes:) “Well, it’s striving for excellence, it’s striving for perfection. And that’s kind of the goal of gymnastics.”

(Finnerty:) Hughes has led the team to six league titles in the past seven years.

(Marina Borisova, women’s gymnastics team member:) “You have to be strong mentally to perform your best.”

(Finnerty:) Born in Russia, Marina Borisova came to the United States at 15 and followed in the steps of her gymnast mother.

(Marina Borisova:) “So, like from when I was little , I was there just like all the time, and I started repeating just like what the other girls were doing like rolls and cartwheels. That’s how I started.”

(Finnerty:) All of the team members compete in four events during competition: vaulting, balance beam, uneven bars and floor exercises.

(Traci Takeda, women’s gymnastics team member:) “I have my actual physical routine, but I also have my mental routine, and I rehearse it and I rehearse it so by the time I get to competition, it just becomes natural.”

(Finnerty:) The sport’s international profile has raised community interest in gymnastics, and some of these competitors are looking to the next step.

(Amber Basgall, women’s gymnastics team member:) “I would personally try for the Olympics in 2012, if my body can handle it. I’d like to go that route.”

(Hughes:) “We’re excited that we have the opportunity to both present these young women as student athletes, and we make sure that we’re trying to strive for excellence in both academic and athletic interest.”

(Finnerty:) This is Jim Finnerty reporting.

(Narrator:) For more information on this and other news from Sacramento State, visit our website.

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