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High School Classes Versus College Classes

While most high school classrooms are pretty much the same, college classrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are labs, recital halls, clinics, studios, small classrooms and large lecture halls.

Why so many types of classes? College classrooms are designed with you in mind. If you want to become a scientist you will spend lots of time in a laboratory. If you want to go into the health care career field your class will resemble a hospital clinic. If you want to study art or design, your classrooms will be in studios. Some of your classes may even be outdoors.

Another difference is that in high school you move between classes when the bell rings. If you’re late, you are in-trouble! But in college, there are no bells. If you’re late, you’ll be lost and professors won’t stop to catch you up.

A final difference — there’s no assigned seating in college. You can sit where you like. Just make sure you get there on-time!