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Destination 2010 Commencement Preview Transcript

>> Let me say again, how proud I am that you chose Sacramento State, you’ve been successful, and that means we have been successful.
>> [Cheering]
>> Commencement for me is that symbol that I finished; it is the transition for me to go on to the next level. I am excited to have my family and friends there when my name gets called; to hear them cheer for me. Just the excitement of the day and just being ready to move on.
>>  Graduating in December is overwhelming; it is tremendously exciting.
>> Its been a long road. It's not going to hit me until the day of, but I am excited
>> Both of my parents graduated from Sac State so that is very exciting to be joining them as an alumni.
>> My name is Vanessa Phillips. I am graduating this fall 2010.
>> My name is Alonso Camacho, and I am going to be graduating this winter 2010.
>> My name is Amber Williams. I am getting my masters in counseling.
>> My name is Katie Healey, and I will be graduating this December.