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Residence halls fill up on Move-In Day


Erica Martinez of Oakley began a new phase in her life Friday as she, her mother and father moved her belongings into American River Courtyard during Sacramento State’s annual Move-In Day at the campus residence halls.

Martinez, a psychology major, transferred to Sacramento State from a community college after also considering San Francisco State. “This was a better fit for me,” Martinez says. “Everyone seems nice and friendly. It just seemed like my kind of community.”

A total of 1,600 students moved into the residence halls during the event. About 1,000 of them are first-time college goers. The remaining 600 are returning students, many of whom are making a home at the ARC, the suite-style student residences.
Helping all these students get their belongings from the various cars, SUVs and pickups into the rooms were 300 student volunteers.

Erica is the first of three siblings to move away from home, but her mother and father, Juan and Laura Martinez, acknowledge that it was time for her to leave the nest. “She’s ready to go,” says Laura Martinez.

“Obviously I’m going to miss all my friends and family,” says Erica, “but I’m definitely ready for a change. Ready to be on my own and start everything again."

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