Program Description


PARC seeks to utilize a relatively untapped resource at the University, our own very talented students who will serve as SI leaders, peer tutors, and peer advisors. Directed by Tina Jordan, the creation of this tutorial center delivers on a long-awaited goal of fostering the academic success of Sacramento State students and represents yet another active step toward realizing the many goals pursued within Sacramento State’s Graduation Initiative.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program for students who are enrolled in historically challenging general education (GE) courses. It provides students credit (1 unit) to learn how to implement transferable academic learning strategies to increase grades in difficult college courses.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Plus provides free academic review and test preparation sessions for all students. These sessions are connected to the SI classes offered by PARC; these sessions are available for all students who may have conflicting schedules and missed the opportunity to register for the 1-unit SI courses.

Peer Led Advising for College Experience (PLACE) provides peer led supplemental advising for all students on campus. PLACE’s Peer Advisors are students who are familiar with campus life and resources.

Workshops & Individual Tutorials (WIT) is a free tutoring service (group and individual tutorials) open to all students on campus. The tutorials are taught by trained tutors who are familiar with materials in historically difficult courses.

Successful students promoting student success!