Supplemental Instruction (SI) Plus

Supplemental instruction Plus

WHAT is SI Plus?

It provides free academic review and test preparation sessions for all students. These sessions are connected to the Supplemental Instruction classes offered by PARC; these sessions are available for all students who may have conflicting schedules and missed the opportunity to register for the 1-unit SI courses.

WHEN is SI Plus?

Sessions are scheduled throughout the semester, mostly before the midterm and quizzes in the professor’s large lecture course

WHY is there SI Plus? HOW does SI Plus work?

  • SI Plus meets regularly meets before exams to review materials in a collaborative group session (about four to six during the semester).
  • SI Plus connects to students on the course’s WebCT before exams. However, you do not have to be in one specific course to attend a SI Plus session. Just contact PARC to find out in what subjects and when SI Plus sessions are scheduled.
  • SI Plus assists students with becoming self-sufficient learners in note taking, asking questions, and understanding the culture and expectation of the large academic classroom.
  • SI Plus provides student structure to check-in and develop working relationships with other students in large lecture courses.