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PLACE provides peer led supplemental advising for all students on campus. PLACE’s Peer Advisers are students who are familiar with campus life and resources; they can refer their fellow students to appropriate departments and campus services.

PLACE is done on a drop-in basis when a student feels a need for extra help in issues such as time management, anxiety about essay assignments, stress or concerns about life after college.

The main goal of PLACE is to help students navigate college life. In addition to advising students how to enjoy their college experience, PLACE can aid students in doing well in their classes.

PLACE does not replace the expertise of faculty or college counselors. Instead, Peer Advisors give students one-on-one advising from a different perspective on the college-going experience.

  • The student is feeling isolated or knows very few students
  • The student is experiencing stress due to time management issues related to work and study
  • The student is feeling anxious about upcoming assignments such as a research paper for a tough class
  • The student is feeling ambivalent about life after college and concerned about sacrificing for an uncertain future
  • The student is new on campus and wants to become more engaged with college life