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Requirements - Honors Concentration

The Philosophy Department has created the major honors program for several reasons.

  • To give students who excel in the major an opportunitny to pursue additional courses in philosophical topics of their choice. 
  • To  enables students to pursue philosophical research and develop their writing.  
  • To  enhances the preparation and competitiveness of those students who wish to go on to graduate studies in philosophy, law, or related fields.

The program also allows the department to recognize outstanding student achievement.  And it is an important development for the caliber and growth of the department.

Who is eligible for the honors concentration?

To graduate in the honors concentration students must maintain a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA and get a B or better (not B-) in their honors classes.

Students may retake one course if they receive a grade below a B in order to maintain Honors Program eligibility. Any of the existing (or to be developed) upper level and 190+ level Philosophy courses may be applied towards the Honors Major Program requirements.

Students who complete the Honors Program will be recognized for their work with a certificate at graduation and their transcripts will receive Honors Degree certification.  They will receive an Honors tassel at graduation.  And it is anticipated that professors in the department who are writing letters of recommendation for those students will be able to base their recommendations (in part) on thestudent’s work in the Honors Program.

What are the requirements for the program?

The requirements for the program are listed in the course catalog here.

How do I apply for the Honors Concentration?

Download the application by clicking on Forms in the menu bar at the top of this page. Fill it out and completely and submit it to the Philosophy Department Office.


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