Requirements - Bachelor of Arts Degree

Below are the requirements for the General Major. Please note that, for technical purposes, the course catalog lists the General Major as a concentration. This may be slightly confusing, since students who fulfill the requirements for the General Major are not specializing in a particular area of philosophy. If you are intererested in (a) Ethics, Politics and Law, (b) Logic and Philosophy of Science or (c) the Honors curriculum, you may review the requirements for these concentrations under the Program link in the menu bar above.

The general major forms an excellent basis for a broad liberal arts education and has been the chosen mode of preparation for successful careers in such diverse areas as university teaching, government, education, medicine, consulting, publishing, business, and finance.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete their lower-division requirements before taking upper-division courses, and encouraged to take upper-division courses numbered below 150 prior to upper-division courses 150 or above.

Units required for the Major: 40

A. Required Lower Division Courses (3-6 units)



Symbolic Logic I OR



Inductive Logic


One of the following may be counted toward the major requirements:






Critical Thinking



Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge, World and Self



History of Philosophy

B. Required Upper Division Courses (13 units)


PHIL 127

History of Ancient Philosophy (3 units in Philosophy)


PHIL 128

History of Modern Philosophy (3 units in Philosophy)


PHIL 180

Knowledge and Understanding (6 units in philosophy or instructor permission)


PHIL 181

Metaphysics (6 units in philosophy or instructor permission)


PHIL 189

Senior Seminar (12 upper-division units in Philosophy)

C. Additional Required Upper Division Courses (3 units)


PHIL 112

History of Ethics (GWAR Certification before Fall 09, or WPJ score of 80+, or C or higher grade in ENGL 109M/W, or C- grade in ENGL 109M/W or WPJ score 70/71 and ENGL 109Xco-requisite) OR


PHIL 152

Ethical Theory

D. Core Electives (9 units)


Select three Philosophy courses from courses numbered 150 or above. Courses should be selected in consultation with an advisor.

E. Further Electives (9-12 units)


Additional PHIL courses to a total minimum of 34 upper division units.