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The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Sacramento State has been preparing students for graduate school, teaching careers, and industrial employment for over forty years.  Based in Sequoia Hall, overlooking the American River, our students interact closely with faculty members in and out of the classroom.  Educators of the highest quality and excellent laboratory facilities have led Sac State Physics Alumni to graduate programs at institutions such as MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard not to mention wonderful careers in government, private industry, and education.

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In the News:

  • We are pleased to welcome two new tenure-track faculty members: Matt Block and Joshua Moss. Dr. Block is a condensed matter physicist with a background in computational techniques. He post-doc'ed at University of Kentucky and used supercomputers to model the magnetic properties of material. Dr. Moss is a high-energy experimental physicist who has worked at the ATLAS experiment at CERN and was part of the team that discovered the Higgs Boson.
  • We are saddened to announce the passing of Emeritus Professor Hossein Partovi. Dr. Partovi was often recognized for this teaching and scholarly work. He served two years as Department Chair, but was a behind the scenes advocate for our Department and our students for many more years than this. He played an instrumental role in the area of development for the department and his work has left our program in a very strong position to support our faculty and students. 
  • We wish to offer our sincerest congratulations to Prof. Gary Shoemaker as he has completed his time in the FERP Program and fully enters retirement. As a nine-year Chair of the Department, he played a major role in the direction that our department is headed, overseeing the hiring of six of our tenured faculty members. Shoemaker will still be around campus as he continues to pursue research in the area of metamaterials. 
  • Congratulations to Prof. William DeGraffenreid, winner of the 2013-14 NSM Outstanding Teaching Award and to Prof. Vera Margoniner, winner of the NSM Outstanding University Service Award.

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