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Further Studies


Garrett Thompson


Northern Arizona University

Currently pursuing Master's degree in Applied Physics at Northern Arizona University.

Ryan Voss


Florida State University

Currently pursuing a PhD in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics at Florida State University. Also currently doing research in ultrafast electron diffraction and femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.

Jamison Blanchard


Sac State, MA in Mathematics

Alexandra (Sasha) Asghari 


UC Berkeley, PhD Candidate in Nuclear Engineering

Currently pursuing a PhD in Nuclear Engineering with an emphasis on radiation detection and nuclear nonproliferation policy.

A.J. Sisneros


Sac State, Single Subject Teaching Credential 

I teach regular and IB physics at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento.

Charles Dresser


Sac State, MS in Electrical Engineering.

Currently working as a Junior Specialist at the McClellan Nuclear Research Center.

Darren Steele


Sac State, BS Chemsitry

Texas A&M, Chemistry PhD Program

I am currently in College Station, TX at Texas A&M University pursuing a PhD in chemistry. I am working in Dr. Tadhg Begley's group conducting research in mechanistic enzymology with emphasis on vitamin and natural product biosynthesis.

Lisa (Heldreth) Winters


Sac State, Single Subject Teaching Credential 

Teaching middle school science at Boulder Creek Elementary (K-8) in Redding.

Mark Graybill


University of Alaska, MS Physics

I'm currently looking for work as my spring TA contract at UAF is coming to an end. I have no idea where in the country or even the world I may end up; there's a certain excitement to be derived in looking towards an unknown future.

Mark Kerfoot


UC Merced, PhD in Physics

UC Davis, B.A. in Int'l Relations

I graduated with my PhD from UC Merced (2015) and I am thrilled to begin my job teaching physics at Fresno City College in Fall 2015.

Rob Custodio



I am currently working as a Health Physicist for the State of California Department of Public Health Radiologic Health Branch. After graduation, I completed a temporary appointment as a Research Assistant for the Cosmology group in UCD's Physics Department helping with computer simulations of deep optical and IR surveys of massive galaxy clusters. I also had the honor of instructing Physics 11C lab for a semester as well as helping to develop the Introductory Astronomy lab before joining the State.

Alex Clontz


I am currently employed with Princess Cruises as a Product Administration Analyst.

Philip Jackson



Pursing Ph.D in Electrical Engineering at UC Santa Cruz with Dr. Ali Shakouri. Researching renewable energy, thermoelectric characterization of new materials, and beginning research on concentrated solar power project (CSP).

Victoria Brandt



I am currently working for the California Department of Public Health, in the Radiologic Assessment Unit of the Radiologic Health Branch. This unit is responsible for making radiological assessments in the environment, around nuclear power plants and in decommissioned radiologic sites around the state.

Josh Kline


UC Davis, MS in Applied Science

Conducting independent research and looking for permanent employment.

David Stafford


UC Davis, MS in Applied Science

Sac State, Single Subject Credential

I teach physics (3 levels) and robotics. I am the lead teacher for the Energy, Science, and Engineering Academy at Rosemont HS. I also am the mentor two clubs.

Curtis Castrapel


CSU Fullerton, MS in Software Engineering

Curtis graduated with a BS in Physics from Sac State in 2006, and an MS in Software Engineering from CSU Fullerton. He worked at Blizzard Entertainment for 8 years, most of that time as an IT Security Engineer. He is now working as an IT Security Engineer at Facebook.

Benjamin Topham


Princeton, PhD in Physical Chemistry

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Longwood University, Farmville, VA

Amy Jones


Texas A&M

Currently in a PhD program at Texas A&M University.

Eliza Morris


Harvard, Ph.D in Applied Physics

Graduated with a PhD from the lab of David Weitz at Harvard University in 2014.  After a 1-year postdoc with Dave, I moved to California and joined the lab of Dr. Cheemeng Tan at UC Davis as a postdoctoral fellow.

Christopher Ray


I spent my first 18 months in the Air Force as a Tactical Data Links Test Engineer. I then went on to sit back seat in F-15s for two years testing upgrades. Now I am about to graduate from the Electronic Warfare School and fly B-52s.

Henry Garcia


Berkeley, MS in Physics

After a terrific four years at Sac State, I earned a Masters in Physics in the Zettl Group. I currently work as an animator at Pixar Studios.

Jason E. Ybarra


San Francisco State, MS in Physics
University of Florida, PhD in Astronomy

Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Bridgewater College.

Previous position: Post-doctoral Fellow at Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM.

Adam Garland


San Francisco State

Working towards MS in Astrophysics at San Francisco State.

John Schreiner


Sac State, MS in Computer Science

I'm now an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Information Science department at Cosumnes River College

Danny Stratton


MS in Management Information Systems

I am currently a lead computer programmer for the State of California. I sometimes miss physics but have managed to fit it in periodically by reading physics books and viewing the stars (and planets) through my 8" reflector. Maybe some day I will return to the field for my Ph.D. in computational physics - who knows!!

Andy Kotko


Multiple Subject Credential

I've moved to the other end of the spectrum - I teach kindergarten and 1st grade and absolutely love it. You can bet my class is the only one where kids race each other while spelling "thermodynamics" (and they can give a pretty good explanation for what it means.) I'll always have fond memories of the "physics lounge!"

Peter Frinchaboy


Virginia, Ph.D. in Astronomy

Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Texas Christian University (TCU)

Mike Farnham


Optical Technician at Sacramento State.

Mike Strong


MS in Security and Safety Engineering


Chris Jackson 


UC Davis, MBA

Attended UC Davis Department of Applied Science, but left before completing degree to take an engineering job at Intel Corp. in 1997. Held positions in design, quality, product and fabrication engineering. Returned to graduate school at UC Davis Graduate School of Business. Went on to hold positions at Intel Corp in wireless, mobile and corporate computing in marketing and in strategy.

I left Intel in 2007 to found Rowy networks to fulfill an unmet strategic objective of Intel. Rowy currently partners with Intel in this endeavor.

Sylvia Stork



Currently, I am the Water-Quality data manager for the U.S. Geological Survey, California Water Science Center.

Michael Wickett


UC Davis, Ph.D. in Applied Science

Since 1999, I've been a computational physicist with the Center for Applied Scientific Computing at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Linda Muzzey



Had a brief stint teaching physics at the Navy's Nuclear Power School.  Currently a high school physics teacher.

Mary Ellen Niedzielski


Sac State, BA in Liberal Studies

Technical Trainer at Agilent Technologies, developing curricula for and teaching a proprietary programming language, system administration, and configuration/performance/fault management software for the telecom industry.

Michael Ocasio



Chief Physicist
HIMA San Pablo Caguas Center for Cancer & Robotic Radiosurgery
100 Avenida Luis Munoz Marin
Caguas, Puerto Rico  00727

Ray Wogec


Currently working for Navy at NAVSEA Crane Indiana.

Nathan Phillips 


Duke, Ph.D. Geography

Although I now study and teach about the biophysics of plants and ecosystems at Boston University, I continue to draw heavily off the excellent training I received in physics from Sacramento State. I would enjoy catching up with fellow students from Sac State Physics in the mid-late 1980s.

Kathy (Pori) Keehan


MS in Environmental Health Sciences

These days I've strayed quite a ways from the world of physics - I'm the executive director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. It's a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to making bicycling better in San Diego. But not to worry - I still use the information I learned in the Sacramento State physics department! I have nothing but fond memories of my time at Sac State and I hope everyone there now gets as thorough an education and has as wonderful a time as I did.

Irene Petrasek


After graduating, worked at the Jet Propulsion Lab. Died in 1990 due to injuries sustained from a hit and run. Still missed dearly by those that were close to her. May she rest peacefully in the arms of the beloved.

Grace (Giachetti) Miazza 


Currently working at the Joint Personnel Recover Agency as an engineer, part of the Joint Staff J7. Worked on Star Wars in the late '80, primarily the space based laser. Went to Barbara Brennan School of Healing and enjoy working with and exploring the human energy field. My experience at Sac State (working in the machine shop, the extensive lab experience) prepared me in ways no other school I have heard of could have. Excellent program.

D. L. Robinson


Have enjoyed working on several DOD projects over the years. Currently working for The Boeing Company, Operations Analysis, Modeling and Simulation group in Seattle. Also busy studying Mandarin, and watching my four daughters and two grandchildren grow and learn while prepare for "retirement" and try to keep up with the world around me.

James Mc Granahan


Sac State, MA in Education

Been teaching as a Lecturer with the Sac State Physics Dept since 1981. Concurrently I taught with the San Juan School district for 13 years in their independent study program. Member of Sigma Pi Sigma.

John Pleines



After Sac State, spent 20+ years with TRW tending to computer systems- operating systems, drivers and hardware. I cut my eye teeth on the PDP-11 the department acquired in 77/78. The last 7 years at a company building airborne computer systems. I credit the problem solving and analytical skills I picked up in the physics department with my successes. Lots of great memories. Thanks.

Patrick Briggs


University of Kansas, Ph.D. in Space Physics

Still Associate Professor of Physics at The Citadel in Charleston, SC.  Taught College Physics from a textbook by some Urone fella...  I was not particularly surprised to find out that Joe Dewitt is in a band.

Joe DeWitt



Currently with Raytheon Vision Systems, Goleta CA as Program Engineering Supervisor. Participate as, and Lead group of, engineering managers on DOD and Space Focal Plane Programs. Prior career adventures: Electro-Optical IR,/Visible/Laser test equipment, environmental monitoring satellites, novel water treatment technologies, medical and automotive sensors development, space deployed antenna development. Most fascinating career physics problem: lasing with water molecules. Avocation: 50s & 60's rock 'n roll band

Kenneth Kitlas 


BA, Chemistry

I went on to grad school at the University of Nevada Reno, transferred back to CSUS in electrical engineering MS program. I then moved to Silicon Valley. I have worked for a number of companies on a wide range of engineering jobs. These included military, space, commercial, and medical. I am currently involved in designing medical electronics and devices.

Pauline Chan


Robin Evans


UC Davis, MA, Ph.D.

I work with the Natural Space Environments group at the Jet Propulsion Lab. This is part of the Reliability Engineering office. We get to use existing spacecraft data to produce models of the environments (radiation belts, solar storms, meteor flux, etc.) for mission design. We also produce space weather reports for missions in critical phases such as orbit insertion, planetary landings, and whacking comets.

Michael R. Smith



I'm retired and loving it.  Life is a seven day weekend.  The youngest instructor I had was Michael Shea.  Is he still with the Department?  I imagine he is retired as well (Note: Michael Shea retired a couple of years ago but is still active in our Teacher Preparation Program).

Michael Richardson


UC Davis, MA in Physics

I am currently chair of the Physics/Astronomy/Geology department at Sacramento City College.

Thomas Daniel Christensen


Retired 2011, Broadband Telecommunications Engineer, Telalaska, Inc.

Robert Steel



Course of study:  Physical Science Career profession: Reg Civil Engineer State of California Current Status: Retired 1991