Awards and Scholarships

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers several awards and scholarships each year. The total value of these prizes well exceeds $10,000 per year! For more details about the programs listed below, please contact the Department Office.

Sigma Pi Sigma - ΣΠΣ

Sigma Pi Sigma is the National Physics Honor Society. Our campus chapter was installed on April 8, 1970. To be inducted, you must have completed at least three upper division courses in physics. With Junior Physics standing, you must have a 3.50 GPA in all physics and math courses, Senior Physics standing requires a 3.00 in physics and math courses. For more details about Sigma Pi Sigma, please contact Dr. DeGraffenreid.

James Clerk Maxwell Award

Stipends are awarded each semester to encourage students majoring in Physics at Sacramento State. The awards will be determined by earned grades of B or higher in courses taken during the immediately preceding semester, which are applicable to the major. For new transfer students, courses taken at another school may be counted. Students should submit applications, available in the department office, in or around late September and late February.

Suzy Fenton Physics Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Suzy and Wayne Fenton. Suzy was a long time lecturer in the Department. This scholarship recognizes and rewards promising performance by a student pursuing a degree in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. An eligible student shall have completed the Physics 11 series and qualified for the Dean's Honor List in the semester prior to the application.

James J. Klavetter Scholarship

This scholarship is to honor the memory of Prof. James Klavetter, late Astronomy professor. The winner of this scholarship, chosen by a committee of the department faculty, shall be a Physics Major with a significant potential to succeed at a career in physics or astronomy.

Feynman Award

The Feynman Award is given to the best undergraduate research project. It was endowed by Prof. Gene Barnes, emeritus professor. The award has a value of approximately $500 and is given in the Fall Semester based on a review of all eligible student projects from the previous academic year.

Physics Teacher Preparation Scholarship

The Physics Teacher Preparation Scholarship was generously established by a Sac State Physics alumnus and his wife. They are very concerned about increasing demand for and short supply of well-qualified teachers in high school science classes. This scholarship is open to students enrolled in the Teacher Preparation Concentration (TPC) program. Recipients must sign a letter expressing their commitment to a career in teaching. This is a renewable scholarship. For details, contact Prof. Margoniner, TPC Coordinator. Application now available online!! 

Royal Vanderberg Scholarship

This scholarship set up by and in memory of Prof. Royal Vanderberg, longtime Department Chair, supports students majoring in Physics or Astronomy. Student must have a GPA of 3.00 and have Junior or Senior Standing. Applications are available through the department office in late February.

Senior Award

The Senior Achievement Award is presented by the Department to recognize outstanding achievement in physics by students nearing the completion of their degree. To be nominated for this award requires a minimum 3.50 GPA in upper-division physics and math courses and achievement in activities outside the classroom, such as research and department service. The Senior Award recipient's name(s) will be added to a perpetual plaque and includes a monetary award.

Chien Hu Senior Physics Award

This award was created by late Physics Professor Chien Hu to honor Physics Majors who excel in their studies at Sacramento State. To qualify for this award the student must have a major GPA of 4.00, i.e., must complete the physics courses required by the major with a GPA of 4.00. This award is funded by the Chien Hu Physics Endowment.

Last Updated: June 19, 2008