Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Series

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 Thursday, Sept. 11, 2014

Prof. Galen Pickett
CSU Long Beach

"Social Physics at CSU Long Beach"

We have implemented an asynchronous collaboration system, Social Homework, in our physics program at CSU Long Beach.  Students using the system learn effective teamwork and leadership skills in the context of doing their physics homework.  Students participating in the system have a more cohesive experience of their 100-level introductory physics courses (exam, laboratory, I>Clicker, and Webassign scores are much more highly cross-correlated when Social Homework is a part of the course).  In addition, students in the "A" range get better "A"'s and are more likely to adopt physics as a minor or major. The system is content-agnostic, so that content in any class can be served to groups in a course, and we have implemented it in the first year sequence, upper-division mechanics, introductory quantum mechanics, physics pedagogy and experimental methods courses.  Lastly, we have developed a fully-online 100-level physics course using Social Homework groups to keep students "glued" into the course.

The Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Series is open to all members of the university. Unless otherwise noted, talks are held on Thursday afternoons at 4:00-5:20 in Mendocino 1015. Schedule is regularly updated as dates, titles, and abstracts are received. Please check back often. To receive updates about the Colloquium Series, please join our Events Mailing List. For past semesters' series, see our archive.

Fall 2014 Semester Schedule

We will update the schedule for the Fall 2014 semester as we get closer to the start of the semester. Have a great summer!

Sept. 11, 2014
Prof. Galen Pickett
CSU Long Beach
"Social Physics at CSU Long Beach"

Sept. 25, 2014
Dr. Eliza Morris
Harvard University
Topic: An Introduction to Biophysics

Oct. 2, 2014
Dr. Mikkel Jensen
Harvard University
Topic: Biophysics, Part 2

Oct. 16, 2014  
Dr. Michael Foss-Feig
University of Maryland / NIST
"Ultracold Atoms Far From Equilibrium"

Oct. 30, 2014
Prof. Douglas Osheroff
Stanford University

"How Science Changes Our Lives"