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   May 5, 2016

  Sac State Physics Majors' Senior Project Talks

Roberto Gomez

"Performance of the Diamond Beam Monitor at ATLAS"

The Diamond Beam Monitor (DBM) was recently implemented at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as an attempt to increase the longevity of the pixel detectors in a high radiation environment without the need for extensive cooling. As collision energies increase, so will the possibility of damage due to ionized particles. The DBM not only offers greater radiation tolerance, but will provide steady response even at higher energies. Along with the implementation of the DBM, the XAOD was made to be the data format of choice. With this new format it allows us to analyze the new data being produced from the DBM more directly. The focus of the project is the extraction of data from the XAOD and developing the analysis structure needed to do proper tracking.



Anthony Hooper

"Exotic Higgs Decays: The Search for a New Particle" 

The discovery of the Higgs boson has opened up new avenues of possible discovery. The small width and ease with which the Higgs can interact with beyond the standard model (BSM) particles causes its branching ratio to be of the order of 20-50% for BSM states. There is also a strong motivation that either a new pseudo-scalar or scalar particle is a decay state of the Higgs and may act as a mediator for dark matter annihilation. A possible decay channel for this new mediator is h→2a→bbμμ. Using a kinematic fitter we were able to constrain the mass of the two b-jets with the high mass resolution of the two muons to improve the Higgs mass resolution. This resolution improvement could possibly aid in finding a new particle’s signal within the ATLAS data.


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Spring 2016 Semester Schedule

February 4, 2016
Prof. Ribhu Kaul
University of Kentucky
"The Quantum Phases of Matter" 

February 11, 2016
 Prof. Michael Ray
Sacramento State
"Dirac Monopoles in a Bose-Einstein Condensate"

February 18
Prof. Ted Dezen
University of San Diego
 "Accreting Black Holes in the High Energy Universe"

February 25
Prof. Lynn Cominsky
Sonoma State University
"Gravitational Waves from Merging Black Holes"

 March 3
Dr. Ted Baumann
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
"Advanced Foam Architectures for Energy Applications"

April 14
Prof. Bob Jacobsen
University of California, Berkeley
 "The LUX & LZ Experiments - Not finding dark matter (yet"

April 21
Prof. Ryan P. Smith
CSU East Bay
"Fast and Small: Ultrafast Spectrocopy of Nanoscale Materials"

April 28
Mr. Christopher Jackson
 Hanson McClain Advisors
"Building a Mani-fold and Robust Career Founded on the Physics Bachelor of Science Degree"

May 5
Senior Project Talks
Roberto Gomez
"Performance of the Diamond Beam Monitor at ATLAS"
Anthony Hooper
"Exotic Higgs Decays: The Search for a New Particle"

May 12
Senior Project Talks
Ethan Low
"Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of Heisenberg Spins on an Isotropic 3D Lattice"
Eric Carmi
Adam Lam