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November 19, 2015

Alexandra "Sasha" Asghari 
UC Berkeley
Sac State Physics Alumna

Neutron Detection and Nuclear Security: A Better Way to Find Nuclear Weapons Materials

Radiation detection is an integral part of basic and applied science, as well as an important tool in international policy. Detectors are utilized for applications ranging from probing the innards of nuclei to verifying the 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement. Since neutrons are an inevitable signature fissioning material, a common method for finding and monitoring such materials involves neutron detection. Neutron detection is especially challenging because while charged particles and gammas directly ionize a detection medium, neutrons do not. Most neutron detectors therefore require a “conversion” medium that creates a detectable signal. My thesis project has focused on using water – a ubiquitous medium (outside of drought-stricken California) – in order to detect neutrons for nuclear security applications.

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Fall 2015 Semester Schedule

September 17
Prof. Anne White
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Nuclear fusion: Energy technology development with tantalizing potential to completely redefine the world’s energy supply system"

September 24
Robert Barchfeld
UC Davis,
Sac State Physics Alumnus

"Plasma Diagnostics for Fusion Reactors"

October 8
Sandeep Giri
"Lessons Learned in the Industry by a Physics Major"

October 15
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Undergraduate Research Reception

October 22
Prof. Chad Orzel
Union College
"High Precision, Not High Energy: Looking for Exotic Physics Using Atoms and Molecules"

October 29
Prof. Jing Xu
University of California, Merced
 "(The road to) Better Living through Biophysics"

November 5
Prof. William DeGraffenreid
Sacramento State
"Careers Toolbox: Information and Tips from AIP Regarding Careers with a Physics Degree"

November 12
Prof. Thomas Targett
Sonoma State
"Coupled Black-Hole and Galaxy Growth or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Super-Massive Singularities"

November 19
Alexandra "Sasha" Asghari
UC Berkeley,
Sac State Physics Alumna
"Neutron Detection and Nuclear Security: A Better Way to Find Nuclear Weapons Materials"

 December 3, 2015
Joshua Reinheimer
Sac State
Senior Project Talk

 December 10, 2015
Christopher Strawn and Taylor Simpson
Sac State

Senior Project Talks