Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Series

The Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Series is open to all members of the university. Unless otherwise noted, talks are held on Thursday afternoons at 4:00-5:20 in Mendocino 1015. Schedule is regularly updated as dates, titles, and abstracts are received. Please check back often. To receive updates about the Colloquium Series, please join our Events Mailing List. For past semesters' series, see our archive.

Fall 2017 Semester Schedule

Next Seminar

Nov. 16, 2017

"Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (HXPS) of the Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Ga1-xMnxP”

Armela Keqi
Sac State Lecturer & UC Davis PhD Candidate

Dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) are materials showing promise for applications in Spintronics. The III-V semiconductors, such as GaAs, are already in use in a wide variety of electronic devices. It is desirable to make these semiconductors magnetic by diluting them with high concentration of metals. Our group has previously presented hard x-ray angle-resolved photoemission (HARPES) results for the electronic structure of the DMS Ga0.97Mn0.03 as compared to undoped GaAs[Gray et al. Nature Mat. 11, 957 (2012)].

Using HXPS and HARPES at an energy of 2905 eV, we have investigated the DMS Ga0.98Mn0.02P and reference undoped GaP. We present core-level and valence-band experimental data and discuss the depth-resolved composition and spin state of Mn, and the momentum-resolved electronic structure. The measurements were carried out at various synchrotron facilities around the world.


September 7, 2017
Prof. Alexander Rudolph
Cal Poly Pomona
“Cal­Bridge and CAMPARE: Engaging Underrepresented Students in Physics and Astronomy”

September 14, 2017
Sac State Physics Majors
"What I did last summer...."

September 28, 2017
Prof. Bin Liu
UC Merced
“Shape Up to Run – How Bacterial Motilities Impact Selective Cellular Morphologies”

October 5, 2017
Natural Sciences and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Reception
Special Location: University Union Redwood Room
Check with Dr. D for details....

October 12, 2017
Prof. William DeGraffenreid and Mary Ann Mort
Sacramento State
Topic: Physics Careers and Entrepreneurship

October 26, 2017
Prof. John Rundle
UC Davis
"The Physics of Earthquakes and Markets"

Date: November 2, 2017
CANCELED - Dr. Laura McWilliams
Science Policy Fellow  for the California Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy
"From Lasers to the Legislature"

November 9, 2017
Dr. Jason Williams
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
“The Cold Atom Laboratory: a facility for ultracold atom experiments aboard the International Space Station”

November 16, 2017
Armela Keqi
Sac State / UC Davis
"Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (HXPS) of the Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Ga1-xMnxP”

November 30, 2017
Senior Project Talks

December 7, 2017
Senior Project Talks