Minor in Physics

Requirements - Minor - Physics

Units required for Minor: 21, all of which must be taken in Physics. 
A minimum of 9 upper division units is required.

If you are interested in pursuing the Minor in Physics, please contact the Physics Office to schedule an advising appointment.

A. Required Lower Division Courses (12 units)



General Physics: Mechanics



General Physics: Heat, Light, Sound



General Physics: Electricity and Magnetism, Modern Physics

B. Required Upper Division Courses (3 units)


PHYS 106

Introduction to Modern Physics

C. Additional Upper Division Requirements (6 units) Six elective units in Physics selected in consultation with an advisor:


PHYS 105

Mathematical Methods in Physics


PHYS 110

Classical Mechanics


PHYS 115

Electronics and Instrumentation


PHYS 124

Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics


PHYS 130



PHYS 135

Electricity and Magnetism


PHYS 136

Electrodynamics of Waves, Radiation, and Materials


PHYS 142

Applied Solid State Physics


PHYS 145



PHYS 150

Quantum Mechanics


PHYS 151

Advanced Modern Physics


PHYS 162

Scientific Computing: Basic Methods


PHYS 175

Advanced Physics Laboratory

 PHYS 5A, PHYS 5B may be substituted for PHYS 11A, PHYS 11C, but the 21-unit minimum must be met by additional courses in one of two ways:

PHYS 106 plus three other upper division Physics courses OR

PHYS 106 plus PHYS 11B plus two other upper division Physics courses.

For more details on the program, please see our Minor Program Flier or the University Catalog.