Recent Presentations

  • H. Partovi: "Verschraenkung versus Stosszahlansatz: The second law rests on low correlation levels in our cosmic neighborhood."  2012 Anacapa Society Meeting Hamline University, Saint Paul, Minnesota. May, 2012.

  • H. Partovi: "Verschraenkung versus Stosszahlansatz: Correlation Level in the Environment Makes or Brakes the Second Law." International Symposium on Quantum Thermodynamics. Stuttgart, Germany. September 2010.

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Scientific Professionalism." Society of Physics Students Zone 18 Meeting. California State University, San Bernardino. San Bernardino, California. April 2009.

  • W. DeGraffenreid, V. Sergan, and G. Shoemaker: "Advanced Laboratories at Sacramento State." American Physical Society April Meeting. Saint Louis, Missouri. April 2008.

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Scientific Ethics/Professionalism." Society of Physics Students Zone 16 Meeting. University of Northern Arizona. Flagstaff, Arizona. October 2007.

  • H. Partovi: "Electrodynamics of a magnet moving through a pipe: challenging undergraduates with theoretical projects." Theorists at Primarily Undergraduate Instutions Symposium. Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics. Santa Barbara, California. July 2007.

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Teaching Professionalism to Undergraduates" Southern California American Association of Physics Teachers Spring Meeting. University of Southern California. Los Angeles, California. April 2007.

  • C. Taylor: "Use of Clickers in Introductory Astronomy Courses at California State University Sacramento." 2007 Joint Meeting of the American Astronomical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers. Seattle, Washington. January 2007.

  • V. Sergan and T. Sergan: "High-performance active liquid crystalline shutters for stereo computer graphics and other 3D technologies." Liquid Crystal Technology and Applications Conference, SPIE Great Lakes Photonics Symposium. Dayton, Ohio. June 2006.

  • W. DeGraffenreid and R. Dixon (Sac State Chemistry): "Effects and Use of Spray Electrification in Aerosol Charge Detection for HPLC." International Symposium and Exhibit on High-Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques. San Francisco, California. June 2006.

  • W. DeGraffenreid and R. Dixon (Sac State Chemistry): "Development of an Economical Detector for HPLC Utilizing Spray Electrification." CSU Biotechnology Symposium. San Jose, California. January 2006.

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Structure of lithium: what we looked for, what we found, what we discovered en route, and what we discovered looking back." Cal Poly Pomona Physics Seminar Series. April 2006.

  • F. Hicks: "Physics and Inquiry for Future Teachers." 2006 PTEC Conference.

  • F. Hicks: "A Parachute Design Activity for Learning Scientific Process Skills." Northern California Nevada AAPT Meeting. Spring 2006.

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Coincidence in the Two-photon Spectra of Li and Li2." APS California Sectional Meeting. October 2005.

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Teaching Professionalism/Ethics to Undergraduates." AAPT National Meeting. August 2005.

  • C. Taylor: "BIMA CO (1-0) Observations of the Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy NGC 404." American Astronomical Society National Meeting. January 2005.

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