Publications and Patents

Department faculty are active scholars, publishing their work in some of the world's most recognized journals and receiving patents for their work.

Recent Publications

  • J. Bürki:"A Nano-Transistor Based on Gate-Induced Thermal Switching." International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Nanotechnology (2012).

  • H. Partovi: "Entanglement Detection Using Majorization Uncertainty Bounds." Physical Review A (2012). 

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Reference lines in the optogalvanic spectra of uranium and thorium in the wavelength range 422 nm to 462 nm." Journal of the Optical Society of America B (2012).

  • H. Partovi: "Majorization Formulation of Uncertainty in Quantum Mechanics." Physical Review A (2011).

  • J. Bürki: "The Nanoscale Free-Electron Model." Chapter published in Handbook of Nanophysics: Principles and Methods (2010).

  • T. Sergan: "Application of Commercially Available Liquid Crystal Polymer Films for Improvement of Color and Viewing angle Performance of Twisted Nematic Devices." Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (2010).

  • J. Bürki: "Determining the Energy Barrier for Decay out of Superdeformed Bands." Physics Letters B (2010).

  • T. Sergan and V. Sergan: "Control of the molecular pretilt angle in liquid crystal devices by using a low-density localized polymer network." Chemical Physics Letters (2010).

  • H. Partovi: "Equilibrium Charge Density on a Thin Curved Wire." American Journal of Physics (2009).

  • V. Margoniner: "Shear-selected Clusters from the Deep Lens Survey. III. Masses from Weak Lensing." Astrophysical Journal (2009).

  • H. Partovi: "Correlative Capacity of Composite Quantum States." Physical Review Letters (2009).

  • H. Partovi: "Verschränkung versus Stosszahlansatz : Disappearance of the Thermodynamic Arrow in a High-Correlation Environment." Physical Review E (2008).

  • V. Margoniner: "Photometric Redshifts and Signal-to-Noise Ratios." Astrophysical Journal (2008).

  • V. Margoniner: "Probing the Relation Between X-Ray-Derived and Weak-Lensing-Derived Masses for Shear-Selected Galaxy Clusters. I. A781." Astrophysical Journal (2008).

  • T. Sergan and V. Sergan: "High-Performance Active Liquid Crystalline Shutters for Stereo Computer Graphics and Other 3-D Technologies." Journal of Display Technology (2007).

  • H. Partovi: "Intrinsic comparative statics of a general class of profit-maximizing rate-of-return regulated firms." Oxford Economic Papers (2007).

  • E. Gibson: "The HKS experiment on Λ-hypernuclear spectroscopy via electroproduction at JLab." Nuclear Physics A (2007).

  • H. Partovi: " Existence of a Universal Comparative Statics Matrix for Differentiable Optimization Problems." Economic Theory (2007).

  • E. Gibson: "Determination of the Pion Charge Form Factor at Q2 = 1.60 and 2.45 (GeV/c)2."Physical Review Letters (2006).

  • E. Gibson: "Pionic charge exchange on the proton from 40 to 250 MeV." Physics Letters B (2006).

  • H. Partovi: "A Complete Theory of Comparative Statics for Differentiable Optimization Problems." Metroeconomica (2006).

  • H. Partovi: "Electrodynamics of a Magnet Moving through a Metallic Pipe." Canadian Journal of Physics (2006). Published with student Eliza Morris.

  • E. Gibson: "π±p differential cross sections at low energies." Physics Letters B (2006).

  • R. Phelps: "CCD Photometry of the Globular Cluster ESO 452-SC11." The Astronomical Journal (2006).

  • C. Taylor: "The Faint End Luminosity Function of Compact Galaxy Groups." Astronomy & Astrophysics (2006).

  • R. Phelps: "Photometry and Spectroscopy of Old, Outer Disk Star Clusters: vdB-Hagen 176, Berkeley 29, and Saurer 1." The Astronomical Journal (2006).

  • E. Gibson: "The πππ process in nuclei and the restoration of chiral symmetry." Nuclear Physics A (2005).

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Coincidence in the two-photon spectra of Li and Li2 at 735 nm." Journal of Physics B (2005).

  • C. Taylor: "A High-Resolution Mosaic of Molecular Gas in Stephan's Quintet." The Astrophysical Journal (2005).

  • R. Phelps: "A Parsec-Scale Outflow in the Rosette Molecular Cloud?" The Astrophysical Journal (2005). Published with student Jason Ybarra.

  • H. Partovi: "Universal Measure of Entanglement." Physical Review Letters (2004).

  • W. DeGraffenreid: "Beam-loss Spectroscopy of Cold Collisions in a Brightened Sodium Beam."Physical Review A (2004).

  • V. Sergan: "FAST SWITCHING POLYMER STABILIZED SPLAY CELL (PSSC)." Molecular Crystals Liquid Crystals (2004).

  • E. Gibson: "General properties of the pion production reaction in nuclear matter." Nuclear Physics A (2004).

  • R. Phelps: "An [S II] Survey of the Rosette Molecular Cloud." The Astronomical Journal (2004). Published with student Jason Ybarra.

  • T.A. Sergan: "Switchable Broadband Achromatic Half-wave plate with Nematic Liquid Crystals."Optics Letters (2004).

  • T.Sergan: "Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals for Optical Applications – an Optical Retardation plate for Twisted Nematic Cells." Molecular Crystals Liquid Crystals (2004).

  • H. Partovi: "Prinicple Portfolios: Recasting the Efficient Frontier." Economics Bulletin (2004).

  • T. Sergan: "Liquid Crystalline Device with Reflective Wire Grid Polarizer." Molecular Crystals Liquid Crystals (2004).

  • T.Sergan: "Negative Birefringence Films from Non-Traditional Materials." Molecular Crystals Liquid Crystals (2004).


  • V. Sergan and T. Sergan: "Photo-Patterned Pre-Tilt Liquid Crystal cells, Lenses, and Methods" US Provisional Application Serial No. 61/275,962, filed September 2009.

  • T. Sergan: "Elliptically polarizing plate and liquid crystal display." US Patent 6839103 (2005)

  • T. Sergan: "Optical Compensation film for Liquid Crystal Display." US Patent 6,822,713 B1 (2004).

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