Peter Detwiler describes his summer as a deckhand on an educational cruise ship. He even wore 19th Century garb!

"And what did I do this summer?  Well, I was published again, but not in a refereed journal.  The September issue of Cruising World magazine carries my recipe for grilled lamb chops, a dinner that I always cook onboard on our charter sailing trips.  And, unlike academic journals, magazines actually pay for articles!  Certainly a first for me.

"In July I spent two weeks as a volunteer deckhand on Hawaiian Chieftain, a 104' square-rigged sailing ship, along the Washington State coast.  Working alongside the mostly 20-something crew was both a physical and mental challenge for a 63-year old guy.  Climbing into the rigging to set and strike square sails was exhilarating.  I think I enjoyed the night watches off the coast the best: steering, navigating, look-out.  I certainly deepened my knowledge of organizational development as the lowliest sailor among the 17-member crew.

"It was quite an adventure being on the Hawaiian Chieftain.  I went with my long-time pal (and former college roommate) and at 63 and 64, we were the oldest crew --- by far!  Our captain had his 30th birthday while we were onboard!  The crew slept in a big, co-ed bunk room that had been the ship's main hold.  Here are a couple of other photos that I thought you might enjoy.  We wore 19th Century period clothes when the public was onboard for sailing trips!"

Photograph of Peter Detwiler on the Water Photograph of Peter Detwiler at the wheel.
Photograph of Peter Detwiler at the electronic controls. Photograph of Peter Detwiler on more the ropes.
Photograph of Peter Detwiler on the ropes.

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