Advising Handouts

Below are the handouts for our new student advising meetings. We will provide you with hard copies of the items from the "Handouts" box during your meeting. This page will be updated annually just prior to scheduled advising meetings.

Type Department Documents
pdf_icon 2017 Agenda 
pdf_icon Internship waiver/proposal 
pdf_icon Pizza Picnic -- August 29, 2017 
pdf_icon PPA Advancement to Candidacy form 
ULD Advancement to Candidacy form 
pdf_icon PPA Curriculum 
ULD Curriculum 
pdf_icon PPA 200 Syllabus Fall 2017
html document PPA Schedule: Fall 2017 | Spring 2018
Adobe icon Wassmer's Recommendations (revised 6/5/20107)
Type University Documents
pdf_icon Campus Map
pdf_icon Registrar Important Dates
Adobe icon Unit Cap Memorandum 
pdf_icon Library: University Library Guide
On-line Resources
Type Department
chrome icon PPA Curriculum
ULD Curriculum
Adobe icon PPA Student Handbook: MPPA | MSULD
chrome icon Thesis Bank
Type University
chrome icon Campus Map (interactive)
chrome icon Career Center
chrome icon CA Intern Network
chrome icon Dreamer Resource Center
chrome icon Fees 2017-2018
Adobe icon Financial Aid Self-Service Guide
chrome icon Hornet Shuttle
chrome icon Library: Checkpoint Self Guided Library TourMaps to the Campus/Library, Graduate Lockers
chrome icon OneCard (OneCard discount list)
chrome icon Registrar (Important Dates)
chrome icon Services for Students with Disabilities
chrome icon UTAPS (University Transportation and Parking Services)
chrome icon Veterans Success Center
chrome icon The Well