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student listening intentlyIf you have been subscribed to the PPA listserv, but no longer want to receive all that student information, then you may want to change your subscription to the alumni listserv.

PPA-Almni-L is an informational list for the Alumni of the Department of Public Policy and Administration. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between the Department, members of the the Alumni Association, and other PPA Alumni. This system also allows members to access old messages that have been archived. Additional information is provided upon subscription.

How to subscribe to the PPA Alumni Listserv

To subscribe, either send your request to the department at, or send the following message from your email account to:

subscribe PPA-Alumni-L firstname lastname

(Replace italics with your information.)

How to post to the PPA listserv

Anyone may post an announcement, subject to department approval. Send your announcement directly to or

Still have questions?

Contact the Department at (916) 278-6557 or

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