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ARTP Procedures (in pdf)

The Department’s guidelines for appointing and evaluating faculty members are set forth in its ARTP processes and procedures document, which has been approved by the University administration. This document applies to both full-time and part-time faculty.

The Department uses a set of standing committees for making various decisions. For the 2013-14 academic year the committees and their memberships are as follows.

  • Full-Time Faculty Appointments Committee: Rob Wassmer (chair), Mary Kirlin, Su Jin Jez
  • Human Subjects Committee: Su Jin Jez (chair), Rob Wassmer, Mary Kirlin
  • Part-Time Faculty Appointments Committee: Rob Wassmer (chair), Su Jin Jez, Mary Kirlin
  • Part-Time Faculty Evaluation Committee: Rob Wassmer (chair) and Mary Kirlin
  • RTP Committee: Rob Wassmer (chair), Mary Kirlin, member selected from outside PPA

The Department’s representative to the Faculty Senate is Su Jin Jez: Rob Wassmer is the Department’s alternate representative.

College Document

College of SSIS Appointment, Retention, Tenure and Promotion Procedures

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