Faculty Recruitment

Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty Position

The Department of Public Policy and Administration is recruiting for tenure-track faculty -- Public Administration.

CampusThe position is for a tenure track Assistant Professor in the PPA Department, focused on public administration and management. The PPA Department is student-centered. Thus, faculty focus on developing engaging curricula that include project-based work and application to current policy issues in California. Additionally courses are taught evenings and weekends to accommodate students who are full time working professionals. Our curriculum is evidence-based, with a strong focus on ensuring that students leave the program with the ability to: (1) synthesize, analyze, and offer solutions; (2) apply knowledge and skills in a professional setting; and (3) recognize the role of profession in society.

See the full job posting and apply for this position here.

You can visit the University's Employment Opportunities webpage to see about positions elsewhere on campus.

Temporary Part Time Faculty Positions

The temporary, part-time applicant pool from which all regular appointments are made is reconstituted each year during the spring semester for the following academic year. Those who have been in the pool or who have taught in the past must reapply and re-qualify annually.

To apply

Please send a letter stating your interests (listing classes you wish to teach) and qualifications along with a supporting current resume.

We accept applications continuously during the year. You may send either a hard copy or electronic application.

Sacramento State
Department of Public Policy and Administration
6000 J Street, mailstop 6081
Sacramento, CA 95819
Tahoe Hall 3038

You can visit the University's Employment Opportunities webpage to see about positions elsewhere on campus.

Please note:
Those currently in the temporary part time faculty pool must re-apply each year.

Summary for
Part Time Faculty

We accept applications continuously throughout the year.

An application consists of:

  • letter of interest
  • current resume

Anticipated openings for
AY 2017-18:

  • PPA 230, Public Budgeting and Finance
  • PPA 240A, Public Mgmt & Adm I
  • PPA 240B, Public Mgmt & Adm II
  • PPA 297 A/B, Executive Fellows
  • PPA 298 A/B, Judicial Adm. Fellows
  • PPA 270, Collaborative Policy
  • PPA 272, Collaborative Gov Adv