Department of Public Policy and Administration

Department of Public Policy and Administration

Public Policy & Administration Syllabi

  • Syllabi are posted as available.
  • They are presented here in pdf, unless otherwise noted.
  • Syllabi from past semesters can be found in our archive.

Current Semester Syllabi

Fall 2017

PPA 200, sec 1, Intro to PPA 

PPA 205, sec 1, Research in PPA

PPA 220A, sec 1, Applied Econ Analysis I

PPA 230, sec 1, Public Budgeting and Finance

PPA 240A, sec 1, Public Management I

PPA 270, sec 1, Collaborative Policy

PPA 500, sec 1, Culminating Experience

Previous Semester Syllabi

Spring 2017

PPA 207, sec 1, Quantitative Methods

PPA 210, sec 1, Political Environment of Policy Making

PPA 220B, sec 1, Applied Economic Analysis II

PPA 240B, sec 1, Public Management II

PPA 297A&B, Executive Fellows 

PPA 298A&B, Judicial Administration Fellows

PPA 299, sec 1, Independent Study

PPA 500, sec 1, Culminating Experience 

        HONR 3, sec 3 Great Books and World Civilization II

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