PPA 500B: Thesis/Project Seminar
Fall 1999

Professor Cristy Jensen
3040 Tahoe Hall
278-5955 (voice mail, office)
278-6544 (PPA office fax)
(530) 756-9009 (home)
(530) 759-7571 (home fax)


Meeting time and place:
Five Saturdays, 9-12noon
Tahoe Hall 3041


Seminar Objectives and Faculty Expectations

This seminar is offered to provide guidance and support to help students complete their thesis/project work. Each student will set goals and commit to completing major segments of their research and writing. We will build on the chapters completed during the first semester of PPA 500, hopefully solidifying communication with the thesis/project committee chair to that significant progress is achieved. The date for Fall 1999 thesis/project submission is December 17, 1999. We expect that each student enrolled will strive to meet that deadline ( have made every effort to "clear the decks" � both personal and professional) . As faculty, we are committed to provide support to make that happen!

Seminar sessions (five Saturday mornings) will include at least two presentations which focus on a major product (e.g. revisions of initial chapters if necessary, a draft of new chapter on methodology or research findings) . Students are expected to send (preferably electronically) copies of their work by Tuesday 5:00 p.m. preceding their scheduled Saturday presentation. The presentation itself should contain the following elements:

A brief synopsis of the topic itself, and why it is important

A summary of the key points in the chapter; and,

Most importantly, an analysis of the key challenges you faced in writing the chapter, and the areas which you think could be most improved.

Before the 2nd session, each student should schedule a joint meeting with me and the committee chair.


The course will be graded on a credit/no credit basis. The minimum requirements for a passing grade are 1) attending every Saturday class session (in an emergency situation, one Saturday can be missed if authorization is obtained from me), and 2) completing the assignments. No incomplete grades will be given under any circumstances. Any student who cannot meet the above requirements should drop the course. (See previous admonition to "clear the decks")

Class schedule

Saturday, September 11: please note this first session will be for 1 hour only 9-10

Summary of the course and course requirements and scheduling of student presentations

Schedule a meeting with me and your Chair and YOU! Before October 9!

Saturday, October 9


Saturday, October 30


Saturday, November 20


Saturday, December 4