Department of Public Policy and Administration

Department of Public Policy and Administration


We encourage all our master's candidates to participate in commencement at the end of their program. It is a great way to celebrate your accomplishment with your friends and family, professors and fellow students. And besides... it's fun!

PPA students at spring 2015 commencement.

What to Expect at Commencement

  1. When you arrive at commencement you will be separated from your family. They will go to their seats and you will go to the assembly area.  
  2. University staff (and some of your PPA faculty!) will be there to guide you.
  3. Find the master's candidates and line up with others from your department.
  4. When the ceremonies begin, your hood is draped over your LEFT arm and your tassel is on the LEFT side of your cap.
  5. Graduate candidates follow the Arena Marshals onto the floor for the procession.
  6. There is a hooding ceremony where the master's candidates are directed to the front of the floor, then turn and face the undergraduate students.
  7. Faculty members will then hood you. 
  8. After the hooding ceremony, the Dean will direct you to turn and walk in line to the photographer.
  9. The photographer will take your picture and you will proceed to the podium where a faculty member will read your name.
  10. You will then return to your original seat.
  11. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the ceremony!

How to Participate

PPA graduates sign up for commencement at the SSIS Dean's website. An accurate head-count helps us make this a positive experience for you. 

The University's commencement information website includes schedules, location, attire and announcements, parking, etc.

Photos and Videos from Commencement Ceremonies

Images from Commencement

Commencement images live in our Facebook page and on our Department scrapbook and on our photo pages.

Academic Regalia

Graduate students from Sacramento State wear:

  • black graduate robes (these have long cuffs on the sleeves)
  • our MPPA students wear a "peacock blue" hood
    our MSULD students wear a "gold" hood
    (The hood is to be worn draped over your left arm as commencement begins.)
  • mortarboard and tassel 

You may purchase regalia from Associated Students, Inc. Their business office is located on the third floor of the University Union. Purchasing regalia early can help ensure proper size.

Borrow Regalia from us

Alternately, the Department has donated commencement regalia to loan to our graduate students who would like to borrow rather than buy. As these are donated items, sizes, quantity, and quality vary. We do not have tassels to loan. We operate on the honor system and expect items to be returned to us in good condition. As our alumni have proven to be honorable individuals, this system has worked well.
Contact us about borrowing regalia

Want to help another graduate student participate in commencement? We gratefully accept donations of used graduate regalia. 
Contact us about donating regalia.

Commencement Advice

  • Carry your hood to the ceremony. Don't try to put it on.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Avoid talking on the phone during the procession.
  • Silence your phone during the ceremony.
  • Take lots of pictures, but please be courteous. 
  • Leave your purse, coat, and other valuables with your family and friends.
  • Leave babies, pets, beachballs, tortillas, silly string, balloons, Frisbees, and so on with your family and friends.
  • Stay seated until the end.
  • Be courteous and treat the commencement speakers and other students as you would like to be treated.
  • Relax and have a great time!