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Staff Employee Recognition Program: University

Staff Employee Recognition Program: Auxiliary

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form

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Staff Employee Recognition

The Sacramento State Staff Employee Recognition is designed to recognize staff members who make outstanding contributions in the area of service and dedication; who promote values including teamwork, pluralism, respect and understanding; who contribute toward more efficient or productive operations including money-saving ideas, exceptional fiscal responsibility, or improving quality of service to contribute to the success of the University in the greater Sacramento community. 

Any staff member, faculty member, student, manager, or individual from the community may nominate a staff employee by completing and sending in a nomination form found at the Office of Facilities Management, the University Enterprises Director’s Office (Bookstore Administrative Room 3200), the Office of the Director of the University Union (University Union 3005), or the Office of Human Resources (Sacramento Hall 259).  Nominations can also be submitted online at Staff Employee Recognition Form.  When nominating an employee, your written narrative should be limited to two pages and should describe why you think this individual exceeds expectations in their performance and has made significant contributions to the University (please include examples).  You can either send the forms electronically from this webpage, or you may submit a hard copy to the President’s Office in Sacramento Hall 206 (campus zip 6022).  The Vice Presidents will review all nominations and recommend finalists to the President, with a decision made by the President.

For staff employed by an auxiliary organization (the University Enterprises, Capital Public Radio, Alumni Association, University Union, or Associated Students), the criteria for nomination and the written narrative remain essentially the same.  The nomination may be sent electronically at Staff Employee Recognition Form.  A hard copy of the nomination will be sent to the Executive Director of the auxiliary that employs the staff member who is nominated.  The Executive Directors of the auxiliaries will review nominations and recommend finalists to the President, with a decision made by the President.

All nominations will be treated confidentially and will remain a part of the pool until either the individual is selected or the conclusion of the academic year.  It is anticipated one or more employees will be honored each month.  The quantity of nominations received and quality of the pool will dictate the number.  These will be a combination of State and Auxiliary employees.  Complete details regarding eligibility, criteria, and nomination procedures are available on this webpage.