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Staff Employee Recognition Program: University

Staff Employee Recognition Program: Auxiliary

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Staff Employee Recognition

Recognized Feb. 27, 2006

From President Alexander Gonzalez:

I am pleased to announce the names of the recipients for this quarter's Staff Employee Recognition Program:

Laurie Dahlberg, Athletic Advising Program; La Tina Gago, Student Academic Support and Educational Equity Programs; Kelley Lewis, Campus Catering Department; and Pat Vercruyssen, CSUS Trust Foundation.

President Alexander Gonzalez
and Laurie Dahlberg

Laurie Dahlberg is an assistant coordinator in the Athletic Advising Program and has been a member of the campus community since 1989 as an undergraduate, a graduate, and then as a staff member. She has a large caseload of students whom she advises, and her nominator wrote, "When students come to Laurie with a concern, she makes it her personal goal to see the problem through to completion … and exhausts all possible resources to help each individual student." Dahlberg is also the campus liaison to the NCAA for 6th Year Scholarships, and over the last eight years, more than 20 student athletes have been awarded these scholarships. Dahlberg’s nominator attributed much of this success to her hard work and persistence.
latina President Alexander Gonzalez
and La Tina Gago
La Tina Gago is an administrative support coordinator in Student Academic Support and Educational Equity Programs. Gago’s nominator was impressed by her consistently positive attitude, as well as her devotion and loyalty to her position, and indicated that she is "never one to complain" and "her demeanor under pressure is unflappable and takes all challenges in stride." Her nominator went on to highlight Gago’s steady role as a team player and mentioned that her dedication to providing the best service possible and her ability to communicate well with all constituencies are some of her greatest assets.
kelly President Alexander Gonzalez
and Kelley Lewis
Kelley Lewis is being recognized for her work in the Campus Catering Department. Her nominator indicated that Lewis goes the extra mile to meet the needs of the employees as well as the customers in the Catering Department and the University Center Restaurant. She does what needs to be done, whether it's "waiting tables during times of transition of staff, assisting in the kitchen, assisting with menu development, or working closely with the marketing department to develop materials for promotion." Her nominator went on to say that Lewis is dedicated to constant improvement within the department and ensuring customers' needs are not only met, but exceeded.
vercruyssen Pat Vercruyssen
Pat Vercruyssen has provided accounting services to the CSUS Trust Foundation for several years. Her nominator acknowledged that through her skilled, professional accounting, "she attends to the financial needs of the Trust Foundation as though the fund there were her own," and that her "accounting knowledge and ethical standards" have served the Trust Foundation and the University extremely well over the years. The closing sentence stated, "In short, she is a valued and trusted professional who quietly and effectively does an excellent job for the Trust Foundation and the campus."."

My thanks to everyone who sent in nomination forms for the Staff Employee Recognition Program. We will keep all the nominations as part of the continuing pool of nominees until September 2006, and all nominees are eligible for the award until then. I encourage those of you who are considering nominating a deserving employee to do so. It is incredibly gratifying to see employees receive this award who so richly deserve it.

Again, congratulations to Laurie, La Tina, Kelley, and Pat.

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form