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Staff Employee Recognition Program: University

Staff Employee Recognition Program: Auxiliary

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Staff Employee Recognition

Recognized June 3, 2008

From President Alexander Gonzalez:

I am pleased to announce the names of the recipients for the Staff Employee Recognition Program: Darla Janeway, Team Leader, University Enterprises, Inc.; Norman Kwong, Budget Analyst, Budget Planning & Administration; and Stephen Scalley, GAAP Accountant, Accounting Services.

Photo of President Alexander Gonzalez and and Darla Janeway
President Alexander Gonzalez
and Darla Janeway
Darla Janeway is a Team Leader for University Enterprises, Inc. Darla’s nominator indicated, “she is not only a dedicated manager of the Copy Graphics Center, but also serves as a University Enterprises team leader.” Her colleague mentioned, “she is a sought-after resource who accepts each challenge with vigor.”
Photo of President Alexander Gonzalez and and Norman Kwong
President Alexander Gonzalez
and Norman Kwong
Norman Kwong is a Budget Analyst for the office of Budget Planning & Administration. He was described as “a dynamic individual committed to the success of the University and has been a great source of accurate information, advice, and support.” His nominator mentioned, “Norman has really been helpful in strategizing ways to maximize money.”
Photo of President Alexander Gonzalez and Stephen Scalley
President Alexander Gonzalez
and Stephen Scalley
Stephen Scalley is the GAAP Accountant for Accounting Services. His nominator mentioned, “his role in the consolidation of financial information for the entire University is a significant one.” Stephen was described as “being dedicated to his projects and the quality of his work.”

My thanks to everyone who sent in nominations. We have completed the 2007/08 academic year for this program and have received many deserving recommendations, and we are now starting a new academic year for the Staff Employee Recognition Program. We have many commendable staff on campus, and I encourage you to nominate anyone you feel is deserving of this award.

Complete details regarding eligibility, criteria, and nomination procedures are available on the website link:

Again, congratulations to Darla, Norman, and Stephen.

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form