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Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Staff Employee Recognition

June 5, 2005 recipients

From President Alexander Gonzalez:

I am pleased to announce the names of the recipients for this quarter's Staff Employee Recognition Program: Mery Ali-Sastra, Dining Services; Priscilla Gandy, College of Continuing Education; and Heather McGowan, Outreach, Admissions & Records.

Photo of President Alexander Gonzalez and Mery Ali-Sastra
President Alexander Gonzalez
and Mery Ali-Sastra
Mery Ali-Sastra works in the Dining Commons for Dining Services. She is responsible for processing meal plans for the students living in the residence halls as well as making the meal cards for all those students. She does so with "great accuracy and professionalism," and always has a kind word for our students. The majority of students in the Residence Halls are freshmen, and Mery meets each one and always makes them feel welcome.
Photo of President Alexander Gonzalez and Priscilla Gandy
President Alexander Gonzalez
and Priscilla Gandy
Priscilla Gandy is in the College of Continuing Education, and recently volunteered to spearhead the reorganization of the Registration Services unit in order to improve the quality of customer service. Her nominee indicated that Continuing Education is already seeing "improved customer service and financial savings to the organization." Priscilla was also described as "a model employee that genuinely cares about the success of the organization and that of its employees."
Photo of President Alexander Gonzalez and Heather McGowan
President Alexander Gonzalez
and Heather McGowan
Heather McGowan has boosted employee morale tremendously in Outreach, Admissions & Records by initiating the CARE Committee, which recognizes employees’ accomplishments and milestones. Heather is a Veterans Affairs coordinator, and provides empathy and concern to soldiers and reservists being shipped overseas, as well as giving them peace of mind that they can return where they left off when they come back to school. Heather's nominator also indicated that she organized a display honoring Sac State student veterans, and that this project "allowed all of us to honor this segment of our campus community for their service."

My thanks to everyone who sent in nomination forms for the Staff Employee Recognition Program. We will keep all the nominations as part of the continuing pool of nominees until December 2005, and all nominees are eligible for the award until then. I encourage those of you who are considering nominating an excellent employee to do so. You can help make a deserving staff member feel great about the wonderful job they do for the University.

Again, congratulations to Mery, Priscilla, and Heather.

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form