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Staff Employee Recognition Program: University

Staff Employee Recognition Program: Auxiliary

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Staff Employee Recognition

Recognized December 4, 2006

From President Alexander Gonzalez:

I am pleased to announce the names of the recipients for this quarter’s Staff Employee Recognition Program:

Sherry Velte, ASI Children’s Center, and Gina Lombardo, Business Operations.

President Alexander Gonzalez and Sherry Velte
President Alexander Gonzalez
and Sherry Velte

Sherry Velte works in the ASI Children’s Center. Sherry’s nominators indicated that she “exemplifies professionalism and passion for quality child care.” Her nominators went on to say that, "she has a wealth of child development knowledge” and that she “was invited to participate in the internationally recognized Reggio Emilia Program in Italy, and contributed to her program’s recent National Accreditation through NAEYC.”
President Alexander Gonzalez and and Gina Lombardo
President Alexander Gonzalez
and Gina Lombardo
Gina Lombardo works in the Department of Business Operations. Gina’s nominator indicated that she “promotes teamwork while contributing to the Department of Business Operations, One Card Center, and to the Department of Photocopy & Technical Support.” Other comments included that Gina “works on her department’s budget while contributing very creative ideas to save money, and is enthusiastic about promoting her ideas.” Her nominators went on to say that, "Gina is dedicated, hardworking, and friendly.”

My thanks to everyone who sent in nomination forms. We have many commendable staff on campus, and I encourage you to nominate anyone you feel is deserving of this award.

Again, congratulations to Sherry & Gina.

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form