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Staff Employee Recognition Program: University

Staff Employee Recognition Program: Auxiliary

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Staff Employee Recognition

Recognized December 5, 2004

From President Alexander Gonzalez:

I am pleased to announce the names of the recipients for this quarter’s Staff Employee Recognition Program: Evelyn Bradley-Owens, Department of Chemistry; Cindy Collins, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; and Lynda Oldenburg, Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology.

Photo:Evelyn Bradley OwensEvelyn Bradley-Owens has been at the University for more than 30 years. She is known for her compassion when dealing with students, as well has her overall positive attitude. Comments about Evelyn include, “She has added immeasurably to the quality and humanity of our department,” “She promotes the values of the University,” and “[She] makes those around her want to achieve the highest goals possible.”

Photo: Cindy CollinsCindy Collins is a dedicated staff member of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, as well as President of the University Staff Assembly. She excels in both her roles and also stays involved in several university and staff committees. Cindy received high praise by those who nominated her, with phrases such as “an outstanding supervisor…and a valued friend,” and “She has gone above and beyond what is required of a University staff member.”

Photo: Lynda OldenburgLynda Oldenburg is a member of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology. Lynda has helped the department reach out to the community by sponsoring workshops that have been well attended by speech pathologists from all over northern California. Her nomination form indicated that, “She has nothing to gain by working so hard—but she does so because she cares so deeply about our department, clinic, campus, and greater community.”

My thanks to everyone who sent in nomination forms for the Staff Employee Recognition Program. We will keep all the nominations as part of the continuing pool of nominees until December 2005, and all nominees are eligible for the award until then. I encourage those of you who are considering nominating an excellent employee to do so. You can help make a deserving staff member feel great about the wonderful job they do for the University.

Complete details regarding eligibility, criteria, and nomination procedures are available on the website link:

We look forward to honoring our excellent Sacramento State staff employees.

Again, congratulations to Evelyn, Cindy, and Lynda.

Staff Employee Recognition Nomination Form